MP Students To Take PISEA Test: Programme for International Student Assessment by OECD

Students of Madhya Pradesh will join Pisa
Other states also appreciated the educational activities of Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal: Thursday, July 2, 2020, School students of Madhya Pradesh will now also be involved in the evaluation process to be done at the international level. Students of Madhya Pradesh will participate in the program for Inter National Students Assessment Test-Pisa (PISA) in the year 2024 to be conducted globally. In order to prepare initial preparations and strategies with a view to participate in this assessment in the years 2024 and 2027, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Chairman Mr. Manoj Ahuja, Educational Director Mr. Joseph Emmanuel, and in the year 2021-22 The discussion was held through video conferencing between the Director of Public Administration, Shri Ruvinder Jeet Singh, of the Union Territory of Chandigarh, who joined Pisa. Smt. Rashmi Arun Shami, Principal Secretary, Smt. Jayashree Kiyawat, Commissioner Lok Shikshan, Shri Lokesh Kumar Jatav Commissioner, State Education Center and other senior officials participated in the discussion.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman of CBSE, Mr. Manoj Ahuja appreciated the decision of Madhya Pradesh to join Pisa and informed about the strategy prepared by the representatives of CBSE for the preparation of Pisa.

Mrs. Shami informed about the educational efforts being made in the state as well as the schemes being adopted for teachers and children in the state during the crisis of Kovid-19. During this period, the Commissioner, State Education Center presented "Education will not stop" on the subject of how digital technology and other resources are being used in the field of school education in Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Shweta Singh, Joint Secretary Academics gave a detailed presentation on the basis of CBSE's experiences regarding PISA preparations. Under Pisa, in the classroom, teaching pedagogy and assessment system to develop 21st century skills mainly based on reading literacy, mathematical literacy and science literacy, such as critical thinking, problem salvaging, digital literacy, social responsibility, etc. Detailed information was given on the need for a major change as well as the points based on the necessary reforms to be done in schools from the educational and administrative point of view.

The educational work of Madhya Pradesh was praised by all the experts in the video conference. During this, representatives of Haryana State and Union Territory of Chandigarh appreciated the educational schemes being run in Madhya Pradesh and expressed their intention to operate in their own state. These states especially CM of Madhya Pradesh Obtained guidance from officials of Madhya Pradesh for adopting Rise Digital Teacher Training Scheme. It is noteworthy that so far more than 10 lakh teachers have been registered or trained for training in four phases under the state's Digital Teacher Training Scheme.