Check Results: 100 Contestants Vying for 46TH Mrs. Universe 2022 Crown in Hotel Montecito, Sofia, Bulgaria

Results WINNER: Elena Maximova Mrs. Universe 2022-23, Mrs. Udmurtia Russia Universe 2022

Hoang Thi Thanh Nga 1st Runner-up Mrs. Universe 2022, Mrs Vietnam Universe 2022
Esther Suppa 2nd Runner-up Mrs. Universe 2022, Mrs. Venezuela Universe 2022
Priya Srivastava 3rd Runner-up Mrs. Universe 2022, Mrs. Indo Asia Universe 2022
Seo Yeon Choi 4th Runner-up Mrs. Universe 2022, Mrs. Korea Universe 2022


Iby Perera Mrs Costa Rica Universe 2022
Leena Gupta Mrs. West Asia Universe 2022

TOP 25

Gines Angeles
Veronica Yu

Special Awards

Humanity Award Winner: Joely Ann Mrs Universe Gibraltar 2022
Mrs. Artistic Award Winner: Puja Dewan Mrs. Eurasia Universe 2022
Mrs. Famous Universe Award Winner: Boipelo Erasmus Mrs. Botswana Universe 2022
Top Africa Award: Mpho Mogotsi Mrs. Africa Universe 2022
Mrs Creativity: Cesdon Joy Liddle Mrs. UK Philippines Universe 2022
The Philanthropist Award: Mae Torres Mrs Universe Germany 20-22
Mrs. Elegance Winner: Veronica Yu Mrs. Universe Philippines 2022 
Mrs. Aesthetic Winner: Jeanie Jarina Mrs. Universe West Pacific Asia2022
Mrs. Glamorous Winner: Gines Angeles Mrs. Universe - North Pacific Asia 2022
Mrs. Fabulous Winner: Lady Chatterly Alvaro Mrs. Universe Northeast Asia 2022
Mrs. Silver Heart Winner: Virginia Evangelista Mrs. Universe Pacific Continental 2022

Sat, Feb 4, 2022: Uyleta Nel - Marais Mrs. South Africa Universe 2022 shared her feeling just before the Grand Finale in Sofia "Thank you Mrs. Universe Official for creating this platform for women from around the globe to come together for a worthy cause: Domestic Violence and Abuse" while she was competing her Makeup.

Reigning Queen Ana Siradze Mrs. Universe 2021 says "Tomorrow, February 4, the final of the international beauty contest "Mrs. Universe 2022" will take place. I wonder who I will give the crown to tomorrow? This year 100 girls from all over the world are participating in the contest! And today the girls have rehearsals all day! Good Luck Everyone!!!"

Fri, Feb 3, 2023: National Costume Show Tonight in the Mrs Universe 2023 Pageant at the National Palace of Culture, The Cultural center in Sofia, Bulgaria
MRS Universe “Preliminary Round” will start at 18:30 PM in Sofia, Bulgaria time / 17:30 Gibraltar time. At the National costume and Special awards night, The cost for chair place only is 100$ to Delegates and Directors.

Wed, Feb 1, 2023: Mrs Gibraltar shared from Sofia "Today Mrs Gibraltar 2022 Joely Ann, together with the other 120 contestants participating for MRS Universe presented their Domestic Violence Awareness campaign project. As you can clearly see in the clip Joely presented a very powerful video with a clear message which definitely puts the point across. This was done with a lot of respect and trying to give a voice to those who cannot speak up. Break the silence, together we can."

Mon, Jan 31, 2023 The 45TH Mrs. Universe 2023 Pageant is 7-Day Event from Sun, Jan 30th to Sun, Feb 5th, 2023
Mrs. Universe 2023 Grand Finale set on Sat, Feb 4th, 2023 Starting at 7:30PM in Venue Hotel Montecito, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hotel Montecito The 3-Star Hotel is located at Address: Boulevard "Tsarigradsko shose" 357, 1582 g.k. Druzhba 2, Sofia, Bulgaria and Contact Phone: +359 2 973 6246

The Current 3 Reigning Queens are  Russia’s Ana Siradze Mrs. Universe 2021, winner in 110 Contestants at Seoul, South Korea, Kazakhstan’s Zhuldyz Abdukarimova Mrs. Universe 2020, winner in 92 Contestants at Virtual Event and Myanmar Honey Cho Mrs. Universe 2019, winner in 90 Contestants at Guangzhou, China.

Ana Sirdze was crowned Mrs. Universe 2021 by Zhuldyz Abdukarimova Mrs. Universe 2020 after emerging winner in 110 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale in on Thursday, June 30, 2022, You can watch the Crowning Moment at around 36 Minute of Live Stream at URL , the third part of 4 Hour long Live Stream.
Her Full Name is Anna Revazovna Kudryavtseva-Siradze Mrs. Universe 2021 (Анна Ревазовна Кудрявцева-Сирадзе Миссис Вселенная 2021)

Check The List of 100 Contestants Vying for Mrs. Universe 2022 Crown in Sofia

  1. Aditi Sharma Mrs. India Universe 2022
  2. Aida Patana Mrs. East Pacific Asia Universe 2022
  3. Aigerim Uzembayeva Mrs. Kazakhstan Universe 2022
  4. Alina Smurygina Mrs. Hungary Universe 2022
  5. Alisha Ohri Mrs. Middle Asia Universe 2022
  6. Amanda Ong Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2022
  7. Anna Maisuradze Mrs. Estonia Universe 2022
  8. Annalies Perez Mrs Cuba Universe 2022
  9. Annur Khan Nolook Mrs. Bangladesh Universe 2022
  10. Ansua Hammerslaght Mrs. Namibia Universe 2022
  11. Anzhela Polezhaeva Mrs. Moscow Universe 2022
  12. Apoorva Rai Mrs. South Pacific Asia Universe 2022
  13. Ariya Termnitikul Mrs. Belgium Universe 2022
  14. Badya Najem Mrs. Lebanon Universe 2022
  15. Banu Raj Mrs. West Central Asia Universe 2022
  16. Boipelo Erasmus Mrs. Botswana Universe 2022
  17. Cesdon Joy Liddle Mrs. UK Philippines Universe 2022
  18. Claudia Hichster Mrs Colombia Universe 2022
  19. Daphne Neo Mrs. Oriental Universe 2022
  20. Denimar Bitorage Mrs. Spain Universe
  21. Elena Maximova Mrs. Udmurtia Universe 2022
  22. Elena Radionova Mrs. Poland Universe 2022
  23. Elena Shemchuk Mrs Dubai Universe 2022
  24. Esther Suppa Mrs. Venezuela Universe 2022
  25. Evelyn Saucedo Mrs Guatemala Universe 2022
  26. Evgenia Klimenko Mrs. Saint Petersburg Universe 2022
  27. Evgeniia Sosnovskaia Mrs. Kuzbass Universe 2022
  28. Evone Lim Mrs. Singapore Universe 2022
  29. Gines Shainon Angeles Mrs. North Pacific Asia Universe 2022
  30. Gulmira Nikisheva Mrs. Tatarstan Universe 2022
  31. Hansani Perera Mrs. Sri Lanka Universe 2022
  32. Hema Niranjan Mrs. East Asia Universe 2022
  33. Hemamalini Rajinikanth Mrs. South Asia Universe 2022
  34. Himadri Bhatnagar Mrs. East Central Asia 2022
  35. Hoang Thi Thanh Nga Mrs Vietnam Universe 2022
  36. Iby Perera Mrs Costa Rica Universe 2022
  37. Ivanna Mershynets Mrs. Kharkiv Universe 2022
  38. Janhavi Rane Mrs East America Universe 2022
  39. Jayashree Mahesh Nair Mrs India UK Universe 2022
  40. Jeannie Jarina Mrs. West Pacific Asia Universe 2022
  41. Jennifer Gupta Mrs. India Universe 2022
  42. Jessica Gamarra Mrs. Peru Universe 2022
  43. Joely Borda Mrs Gibraltar Universe 2022
  44. Julie Forsberg Belleza Mrs Euro Philippines Universe 2022
  45. Kateryna Yantukh Mrs Kyiv Universe 2022
  46. Kathy Criniti Mrs Australia Universe 2022
  47. Kieren Laurent Mrs Universe Borneo 2022
  48. Kogi So Mrs New Zealand Universe 2022
  49. Kseniia Agibalova Mrs. Black Sea Universe 2022
  50. Lady Chatterly Alvaro Mrs. North East Asia Universe 2022
  51. Leena Gupta Mrs. West Asia Universe 2022
  52. Lidiya Knaub Mrs. Mariupol Universe 2022
  53. Likitha Basepogu Mrs. Pacific Ocean Universe 2022
  54. Liudmila Sorokous Mrs. Baltics Universe 2022
  55. Mae Torres Kuberka Mrs. Germany Universe 2022
  56. Maria Dolores Perez Mrs. Ecuador Universe 2022
  57. Maribel Ramos Guzman Mrs. Oceania Universe 2022
  58. May Thinn Kyi Mrs. Myanmar Universe 2022
  59. Melissa Baas Mrs. Netherlands Universe 2022
  60. Michelle Solinap Mrs. Continental Asia Universe 2022
  61. Miss Sansani Elmstroem Mrs. Thailand Universe 2022
  62. Miwa Tajima Mrs. Miyabi Universe 2022
  63. Mpho Mogotsi Mrs. Africa Universe 2022
  64. Nadiia Saban Mrs. Kherson Universe 2022
  65. Natalia Pavlova Mrs Belarus Universe 2022
  66. Nataliya Ivanova Mrs. Lviv Universe 2022
  67. Olga Chapalo Mrs. Siberia Universe 2022
  68. Paola Grossi Mrs. Italy Universe 2022
  69. Patricia Celan Mrs. Canada Universe 2022
  70. Patti Gomez Baker Mrs. USA Universe 2022
  71. Penelope Breidenbach Mrs. Latina USA Universe 2022
  72. Pooja Parmeshwar Mrs. North West Asia Universe 2022
  73. Precil Jemina Brao Mrs. Finland Universe 2022
  74. Prerna Dhabarde Mrs. Central Pacific Asia Universe 2022
  75. Priya Sathya Mrs. South Central Asia Universe 2022
  76. Priya Srivastava Mrs. Indo Asia Universe 2022
  77. Puja Dewan Mrs. Eurasia Universe 2022, Dr. Puja Dewan Mrs India & Mrs Universe Eurasia 2022, Gynaecologist, Fertility IVF Specialist & Endoscopic Surgeon; Singer; Social Worker;I nspirational Speaker;
  78. Raissa Cotrim Mrs. Portugal Universe 2022
  79. Rajshree Wakade Mrs. South East Asia Universe 2022
  80. Renu Kumari Mrs North Central Asia Universe 2022
  81. Sarah Nizar Mrs. Iraq Universe 2022
  82. Satomi Kanagawa Mrs. Tokyo Universe 2022
  83. Satomi Mitsuyasu Mrs. Universe Japan 2022
  84. Seo Yeon Choi Mrs. Korea Universe 2022
  85. Shreyaa Sumi Mrs Asia USA 2022
  86. Shubhi Agarwal Mrs. North Asia Universe 2022
  87. Stanislava Vasileva Mrs. Bulgaria Universe 2022
  88. Sunny Shahi Mrs Nepal Universe 2022
  89. Tracy-Ann Walchie Mrs. Jamaica Universe 2022
  90. Tripta Das Mrs. Australasia Universe 2022
  91. Trisha Nabukenya Mrs. UAE Universe 2022
  92. Urwas Jaiswal Mrs Asia Universe 2022
  93. Uyleta Nel - Marais Mrs. South Africa Universe 2022, Founder of One Nation: Our Women and Children against GBV, Model at NYFW 2020, Top Model Finalist 2020
  94. Valerie Gutierrez Mrs Colombia USA Universe 2022
  95. Veronica Yu Mrs. Philippines Universe 2022
  96. Virginia Evangelista Mrs. Pacific Continental Universe 2022
  97. Yana Barvichute Mrs. Novosibirsk Universe 2022
  98. Zoya Sheikh Mrs. Indian Ocean Universe 2022

About: With Sofia Headquarters Mrs. Universe Ltd organizes Mrs. Universe, Mrs. Europe, Grandma Universe and Children of the Universe Pageants Since 2007 covering married, divorced, and widowed women from all world who qualifies as 18-55 Age Range. Family, Career and Social Cause also are mandatory criteria to appear in Mrs. Universe Contest.