Music Therapy in Covid Case Gujarat Performer Mehul Vaghela

Music Teacher Mehul Gohil joined Attendant as Corona Warrior but now he has different job as Corona and Mucormycosis Patients Music Therapist cum Counselor

Music Teacher turned Crisis into Opportunity to help people in Pandemic Distress

Hospital Admins All Over India & World Too Are You Listening?

As the school closes, the music teacher gets an opportunity to give music therapy at Summers

Mehul Vaghela, who joined as an attendant, was seen performing songs and music and was given a special task by the management.

Mehul's song mixes patients with live performances of music.

Rajkot, Gujarat, India, Tuesday, May 25, 2021: For the last one month, songs and music have been playing in Samaras all day long. Mehul Vaghela, a member of the counseling team, offers music therapy to corona patients and now to patients with Mucormycosis.

Mehul's journey of counseling and music is very interesting. His father was admitted to the coma of Corona. Mehul, the original music teacher, had no business closing the school with Corona. So he got a job as an attendant at Summers. He used to sing to his father while caring for the patients. When this matter came to the notice of the provincial officer Shri Charan Singh Gohil, he got more information about Mehul. Seeing Mehul's musical instruments, Mr. Gohil included him in the counseling team and gave him a new job of giving music therapy.

Mehul had a pleasant situation like 'I felt it and the doctor told me'. After the bus, Mehul's job is to make the patients sing their favorite songs every day, along with playing the guitar. The patients also mix the tunes, clap their hands ... and forget their pain.

Patients order bhajans as well as songs from Gujarati and Hindi films, Mehul Puri. When the patients come and return home after recovering, they make the atmosphere pleasant by singing to the tune of the guitar. Management is also happy with their performance. In this work of Mehul, other staff nurses and attendants also fulfill their hobby of singing ...

Before Corona, Mehul was working as a Music Teacher in a national school as well as a Sarvodaya school, but when the school was closed due to a lockdown, he was able to do this work in Samaras. Apart from guitar, Mehul also plays the harmonium, keyboard and tabla. Has done 3 years course in tabla. And when he gives a live performance, he can sing songs for 3 hours, says Mehul. His favorite singer is Sonu Nigam while he can sing many bhajans including Srinathji.

P.P.E. Singing and playing the guitar before wearing a kit and a mask is not easy, but it has gradually faded and now Mehul can give a great performance without any difficulty.

In the days to come, whether the patients stay at the Samaras Kovid Center or not, the melody of Mehul's song will continue to resound in Samaras.