MVP.Market Hosts First Ever NFT-Gated Music & Art Festival March 4 & 5

Luka Garza Launches Marketplace for NIL, NFTs, and Blockchain Solutions

MVP.Market and the Hall of Fame Goat Lodge team up!

LAS VEGAS, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MVP.Market and the Hall of Fame Goat Lodge team up to launch the world's first ever NFT-Gated Music & Art festival March 4 & 5 at Area 15, Las Vegas. Attendees will experience immersive 360° galleries, airdrops, collection activations, expert panels, music, and art.  

MVP.Market is built through the lens of college students, athletes, artists, and pure blockchain technologists resulting in a fully immersive, intuitive experience.

Each MVP customer will have the ability to interact with NFT drops, in-person/metaverse/virtual meet and greets, buy and sell unique player merchandise, access game tickets, plus many more real-life opportunities to support student-athlete journeys and live events.   

Simultaneously, athletes and artists will benefit from her/his ability to dictate the direction they want to take with their NIL, Brand, community benefits, and ongoing royalties triggered on every sale of their NFT. 

You're invited to join us in Las Vegas and become an MVP. 

Luka Garza, former Naismith and Wooden national player of the year, launches MVP.Market

CHICAGO, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In April 2021, Luka Garza became the first collegiate athlete to launch his own NFT series, shortly thereafter he launched the to explore unique solutions for NIL (i.e., Name, Image, and Likeness) utilizing blockchain technology and other unique solutions in hopes of revealing a new asset class and income streams previously undiscovered.

Luka's journey led him to meet other like-minded stakeholders and together, they have formed MVP.Market, raised $5M dollars, to deliver the first ever blockchain marketplace created through the lens of college athletes, students, artists, and pure blockchain technologists

Users will experience an intuitive marketplace that is a fully immersive experience as they interact with NFT drops, buy and sell unique items in the marketplace, and support student-athlete journeys, and live events.

Current NFT marketplaces are plagued with various limitations that prevent a great user experience such as intricate sign-up processes, inability to pay with credit/debit card, lack of security, and prohibitive fees.

The MVP.Market has selected to build its NFT marketplace on its own blockchain to allow easy sign-up, purchases with debit/credit or cryptocurrency.

Our unique blockchain also addresses energy consumption required for marketplace operation with a green sustainable energy model through a Proof of Stake mechanism.