Narayanpur Collector Dharmesh Kumar Sahu meeting of social leaders

Ignore the rumors related to the vaccine - Collector Dharmesh Kumar Sahu

Only 10 people will be allowed in matrimonial programs

Narayanpur, 10 May 2021 Collector Shri Dharmesh Kumar Sahu today held a meeting of the district's social heads, NGO officials, traders association and representatives of the area. Collector Shri Sahu said in the meeting that at present, there are less cases of corona in the district as compared to other districts of the state, yet the cooperation of all of you is expected to end it completely. You all have access to the inner areas of the district, people understand your point and also follow it. To fight corona, we need to monitor the adherence of rules by people living in home isolation, adhere strictly to lockdown, cooperate in contact tracing and encourage people to get vaccinated. The meeting was attended by Superintendent of Police Mr. Mohit Garg, Deputy Collector Mr. Gaurishankar Nag, Vaibhav Kshetra, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. AR Gota, District Education Officer Mr. GR Mandavi, Municipality Officer Mr. Mobin Ali, Program Officer Women and Child Development Department Mr. Ravikant Dhurve was present.

    Collector Shri Sahu, while appealing to the residents, said that till date no person has died in the district from getting vaccinated. Ignore the rumors related to the vaccine. Get yourself and your family vaccinated, as well as encourage those around you to get vaccinated. Collector Shri Sahu said in the meeting that one of the major reasons for increase in Corona cases in the district is the large number of people participating in matrimonial programs. Giving information about the guide line issued by the government, he said that now only 10 people will be allowed in matrimonial programs. Those attending the marriage will be required to undergo a Kovid-19 test. He said that the people living in the Home Isolation should follow the rules completely, if a person is in the Home Isolation, and he is not following the rules, then you inform us, appropriate action will be taken against him.

    Collector Shri Sahu said that according to the guide line of the government, all those who supported the administration in the Corona period, merchant associations, society heads, NGOs etc. would be considered as a line line worker. Along with this, vaccination of media representatives and their families will also be done. The Collector directed the officials to check the corona by making checkposts of all the people coming from other states or districts, in any case, people should not be allowed to enter the district without checking. For this, a team of police, health and other officials should be formed. Suggestions were sought from the people present at the meeting to make concessions during lockdown, to ensure the residents of Home Isolation to follow the rules, to strictly follow the lockdown, to assist in contact tracing and to encourage people to get vaccinated.