Ndoun Issie Marie Princesse is CROWNED Miss Cameroon 2023 by The First Lady Chantal BIYA

The Successor of Cinema Actress Julia Samantha Edima Miss Cameroon 2022, The Winner against 28 Contestants Miss Littoral, Ndoun Issie Marie Princesse as is crowned the Cameroonian Beauty Goddess. Miss Cameroon 2023 by The First lady of Cameroon Mrs. Chantal BIYA. The Grand Finale Coronation Ceremony is held today on Sat, Nov 12, 2022 in Multipurpose Sports Palace Yaoundé, Cameroon.

New Queen, The Cameroonian Beauty Goddess Ndoun Issie Marie Princesse Miss Cameroon 2023, 22, is professional model and Degree student in Marketing-Management/management. Apart from taking home the most prestigious crown Princesse is getting prizes:
5 million FCFA
150,000 FCFA Monthly Salary during the 12 months of her mandate
Miss 4x4 Vehicle
An apartment for a year
Job: Promotion of Cameroonian tourism heritage and raising awareness on breast cancer prevention education

The First lady of Cameroon Chantal BIYA said in her official Twitter handle "Happy to have taken part in the 16th edition of the Miss Cameroon 2023 beauty pageant, during which I presented the crown to the winner Ndoun Issie Marie Princesse"