New Covid-19 Lab RTPCR Facility in Kanker and Mahasamund Government Virology Labs

Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdeo inaugurated virology labs in Kanker and Mahasamund
With two new labs

Now RTPCR Test Facility for Corona Virus, Covid-19 in 9 Government Virology Labs of the Chhattisgarh state

Mr. Singhdev also inaugurated 236-bed new dedicated Kovid Hospital in Kanker

Raipur. 30 April 2021

Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education, Shri T.S. Singhdev today launched Virology Lab online for RTPCR examination of corona samples in Kanker and Mahasamund. By combining these two new labs, now RTPCR testing facility has been made available in nine government labs of the state. With the increase in the number of RTPCR investigations every day, people will also start getting reports soon. Shri Singhdev also inaugurated a new dedicated 236-bed Kovid Hospital in Kanker today. In the inaugural program, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Vinod Sevanlal Chandrakar from Mahasamund and Mr. Shishupal Shori from Kanker were involved in video conference with officials of District Administration and Medical College. At the same time, along with the Health Minister from Raipur, Departmental Additional Chief Secretary Mrs. Renu G. Pillai, Director of Medical Education Department, Dr. R.K. Singh and Dr. Kamlesh Jain, Nodal Officer of Non-Communicable Diseases participated in the inaugural program. Dr. Nitin M. Nagerkar, Director of AIIMS Raipur and Dr. Anudita Bhargava were also present in the program online.

Health Minister Shri T.S. Inaugurating the newly constructed virology lab at Kanker and Mahasamund, Singhdev said that Chhattisgarh is moving strongly in the fight against Corona. There was not a single virology lab in the state at the time of onset of corona infection. After AIIMS Raipur, RTPCR investigation facility has been developed in all six government medical colleges Raipur, Bilaspur, Jagdalpur, Rajnandgaon, Raigad and Ambikapur. Today, two new medical colleges in the state, Kanker and Mahasamund are also opening virology labs. These new facilities will speed up the identification of corona infectives in the state and provide timely treatment to them.

Addressing the public representatives and officials and staff of the Medical College during the inauguration of Virology Lab at both the district headquarters, Health Minister Mr. Singhdev said that by increasing the number of RTPCR investigations, the Department of Health has established the Korba, Korea, Jashpur, Janjgir, Durg, Dantewada and Establishment of virology lab has also been started in Balodabazar. Along with this, the government has given permission to open virology labs in Balod and Mungeli. After all these facilities are ready, the number of government centers with the facility of RTPCR investigation will be 18 in the state. The department will try to start all these labs at the earliest.

Shri Singhdev thanked Director Dr. Nitin M. Nagerkar while underlining the role of AIIMS Raipur in setting up new virology labs in the state. He said that along with the state government and AIIMS corona control, they are working together for the treatment of those affected by kidney diseases in Supebheda. Mr. Singhdev also thanked the local MLAs Mr. Shishupala Shorey and Mr. Vinod Sevanlal Chandrakar for their cooperation in setting up Virology Lab at Kanker and Mahasamund.

The new virology lab at Kanker and Mahasamund will initiate investigations from samples in both the districts. As the lab capacity increases, samples from the surrounding districts will also be examined. Both these labs are being operated under the dean of the new government medical colleges starting there. Lab in-charge lab in-charge, microbiologist, senior scientist, junior scientist, lab technician and lab assistants have been trained through the respective medical colleges.

During the inauguration of both the labs from the video conference, Dr. PK, the dean of the medical college at Mahasamund. Corporation, Collector Mr. Doman Singh and Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. N.K. Mandpe was present. At the same time, Dr. M.L., dean of the Medical College in Kanker. Garg, Collector Mr. Chandan Kumar and Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. J.L. Uike was present.

Health Minister also launched new dedicated Kovid Hospital in Kanker

Health Minister Shri T.S. During the inauguration of Virology Lab at Kanker, Singhdev also inaugurated a new dedicated 236-bed Kovid Hospital there today. The hospital, set up at Imlipara in the city, has facilities for 16 ICU beds, 30 HDU beds, 150 oxygen-assisted beds and 40 general beds. The already operated 200-bed dedicated Kovid Hospital at Albela Para in Kanker also has facilities for ten ICU beds, 12 HDU beds, 60 oxygen-assisted beds and 118 general beds.