New Crowning Karolina Michalčíková Miss Universe Slovakia 2022

Karolina Michalčíková Miss Universe Slovakia 2022 has emerged winner in 12 contestants and is just crowned today on Sunday, September 11, 2022 at the grand finale commencing LIVE from 7:30 PM in luxurious Costa Cruise / Ministry of Fun The Night club in Banská Bystrica as The successor of Top 11 Miss Universe Slovakia 2018 Bratislava's Veronika Ščepánková Universe Slovenskej Republik 2021 aka Miss Universe Slovakia 2022,

Karolina Michalčíková Miss Universe Slovakia 2022 will represent her nation Slovakia in the upcoming Miss Universe 2022 Pageant!!! She is from Trenčin, 23 years old and works as Makeup Artist.


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