New Exhibition from Global Expressionist Artist Giovanni DeCunto – American Flag and Dynamic Abstract Collection

Palm Beach Art, Antique and Design Showroom Announces New Exhibition from Global Expressionist Artist Giovanni DeCunto – American Flag and Dynamic Abstract Collection Featuring A Unique Painting with Light Technique

Exhibition Opening – January 15, 2021 – 4pm-7pm EST

On View Through March 31, 2021

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla.--()--Palm Beach Art, Antique and Design Showroom today announced a new exhibition from renowned American Global Expressionist Artist Giovanni DeCunto – a unique collection of American Flag and dynamic abstracts that showcase a unique technique that he invented called “painting with light.” The powerful American Flag collection, which combines expressionistic, minimalism and pop art styles, serves as a symbol of unity and to remind us that, to move forward, we must always come together.

DeCunto’s dynamic abstracts present two different images depending on the kind of light reflected off the canvas. His unique painting with light technique produces various experiences of the same painting depending upon which light setting the piece is viewed under – whether it is natural or ultraviolet (UV light). When painting, he works in incandescent light and UV light, using a combination of acrylic paint with fluorescent paint to create different color reactions depending on the light source used to view the piece. Natural pigments will react to our natural light source, whereas fluorescent pigments absorb ultraviolet light and re-emit it at a different wavelength making the light visible and the material appear to glow.

“By balancing the effects of fluorescent and acrylic paint under different light sources, I manipulate the reflection and transmission of color,” said DeCunto. “To further intensify this, I trap the light on the canvas by mixing clear resin into the paint and add transparency to colors, letting the light pass through and reflect off neighboring colors. By manipulating this process, my work is revolutionizing the way light reacts with color.”

DeCunto’s work exhibits a broad mastery of drawing and painting on the canvas as it features hints of classical, cubist and pop techniques all imbued with a strong sense of catharsis. His paint is applied not by using a brush as a tool, but rather directly from the tubes in thick, textured layers and bold dynamic color. The result is the artist’s unique expressionistic style, combining abstract and representational forms made with acrylic paint – often poetic and gracefully formed and at times boldly colored – that hang in an uncanny, perfect balance.

His most recent previous collection, Lost Thirteen, were recreations of 13 stolen Old Masters paintings from the infamous Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum heist that occurred in Boston thirty years ago. Considered the single largest property theft in the world, the 13 stolen works of art were valued at over $500 million by the FBI and included masterpieces from Rembrandt, Degas, Manet, among others. No arrests were ever made, and the artwork has never been recovered – so it remains the greatest unsolved mystery in the global art world. DeCunto’s collection was the first to offer a 21st century take on these famous stolen paintings and sold out instantly.

Kathleen Knight, owner and director of The Gallery at Four India Street, an interior of contemporary fine art gallery in Nantucket, MA, has collaborated with DeCunto on several successful exhibitions.

“Giovanni has more depth, thought and emotion than other pop artists,” she said. “His extraordinary work is unique and on par with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.”

The Exhibition will be on display from January 15 to March 31, 2021. On opening night, VIP guests, collectors and art aficionados will have the pleasure to walk the red carpet into showroom to sip and shop 25,000 square feet of world class art, sculpture, and design. Reservations are required and space is limited. For more information, please contact Angelica Sua at In an effort to welcome guests and clients safely, the showroom is offering scheduled private 30- minute guided tours of the exhibition all month long. COVID19 protocols are in place for social distancing and masks or face coverings are required in this facility. There will be a temperature check at the door.

About Giovanni DeCunto:

American Global Expressionist Artist Giovanni DeCunto is changing the course of modern art by developing an innovative method of painting to bridge the gap between the old and the new. Resonating with the Baroque and contemporary painters, as well as being heavily influenced by culture and humanity. DeCunto’s work consists of abstract and representational forms made with acrylic paint - often poetic and gracefully formed and at times boldly colored - that hang in an uncanny, perfect balance. DeCunto has developed a unique technique that no other contemporary painter is using. His technique excludes the use of tools, resulting in solely painting with tubes of paint. He manipulates the paint through movement and occasionally with the touch of his hands. All of this creates a one-of-a kind piece of artwork that is unlike anything else currently on the market.

Giovanni DeCunto’s work can be found in museums throughout the world such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University and The City Hall of Padua in Italy to name a few, as well as inside the private homes of high-profile celebrities such as Lionel Richie, Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Cruise and George H.W. Bush.

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