Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên CROWNS Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022

2021 Miss Grand International Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên has just crowned the WINNER against 67 Contestants, Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022, Miss Grand Brazil in LIVE Grand Finale at SECC, Sentul International Convention Centre, Bogor, Indonesia commencing from 7PM UTC+7.

Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022 is BSc Economics, MSc Finance @ University College London and Founder of Beyond Project and she loves Acting, Photography, Singing.

This Year Miss Grand International 2022 is 10TH Anniversary Edition. The New Queen Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022 has competed in Pre-arrival Voting, Country's Power of the Year challenge, Sportswear and swimsuit competition, National costume Contest, MGI22 Preliminary Round and Final Competition which includes TOP 20 Sportswear & Swimsuit Round, TOP 10 EQ, Speech Presentation and Evening Wear Round and lastly TOP 5 Q/A Competition and finally emerged winner to bring The Golden Crown in her Nation Isabella Menin.

Isabella Menin National Costume @ MGI22


Isabella Menin, Miss Grand Alto Cafezal, is crowned Miss Grand Brazil 2022 against other 30 candidates at Teatro da Caesb, in Águas Claras, Brasília, in a live-streamed event by GRAND TV. Menin who was born in Marília, state of São Paulo, has a BA in Economics from Westminster University and a MA in Finance from the University College London. She has also worked as an international model who has lived and worked in several countries. 
Miss Grand Brazil 2022, was crowned by Lorena Rodrigues, MGI´s 2nd runner-up in 2021

Contestant's Statement

It is true that we must live in the present, always looking forward to a future filled with achievements and love. However, without ever forgetting our origins. Monday, at the conclusion of the Samteshy fashion show, we released a video that we prepared to tell you a little about who I am, including my roots, the woman I've become, and the dream I'm currently fully committing myself to make true. Something that gives me a lot of strength on this journey is the love and energy that I have been getting from all of you. Monday I got emotional, and I get emotional again now, sharing a little bit of myself with each one of you. Rest assured: This achievement will not only be mine, but of all of you who dream this dream with me. I love you
See you very soon, the one and only Miss Grand International!


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Check The Team Which Made Isabella Menin WINNER of Miss Grand International 2022 Golden Crown Bringing It To Brazil


Preparation and support team:

@samteshy , wardrobe
@samuelteixeira_01 , stylist
@helciocouture , final and preliminary dresses
@idrissidress , evening dresses
@karlosamilcarestilista, typical costume
@dougyo15 , catwalk
@romilcecolombo , oratory
@ricardo_siviero @raffarodriguess , official photographers
@belivelanguage , English
@rafaelrosac , general knowledge and content
@santuamissacademy , media training
@crismonize , spirituality
@lorenarodriguesg, mentorship
@sugar_brazil , sugar export, planes and helicopters
@euangelomariano , videos
@fabiopaula , press
@lucamandacari, hair and makeup
@anderson_barbosa_fotografia , photos
@lyncolnfilmes , videos in São Paulo
@tmfilmsprodutora, videos Marília
@reginafreireacessorios - accessories
@divinissimaacessorios - accessories , make in Marília
@marceloaugustohair - hair and make 'in Marília.
@fabioferreiraoficial-stylist Marília
@adryrammosoficial super mom
@ceressessinribeiro, godmother CNB
@mauricioreinehr , graphic design
@willfreitas_ , social networks CNB
@hffontes and @marinafusquinefontes , general direction

Isabela Menin in Top Swimsuit Round Picture


MGI22 Official Introduction in her owrds: I have a passion for experiencing different cultures. I never say no when asked to try typical dishes from different countries. I am a foodie. You can actually follow my food Instagram at @reveltaste to see that I am telling the truth! I absolutely love Indonesian Satay. Which other Indonesian dish do you guys recommend to me?

I like to say that beauty pageants run in my veins. My mom and my aunt were beauty queens as well, while my grandmother was elected the most beautiful woman in the city of Marília. I’ve been prepared to be a beauty queen from the moment I was born!

I believe the body can awe you, beauty can get your attention, but only with the brain combined with the other two, we can make an impact in society.

I want to be the first 4 Bs of the competition. 

Body, beauty, brains and Brazil!