Nishtha Training at Commences on 01 August 2021, Rajasthan Teachers to Join

In NISHTHA Training program starting from 1st August at, the headmasters and teachers of all the state and private schools of the Rajasthan state to participate.

Jaipur, 28 July 2021: Based on the recommendations of the new National Education Policy 2020, loyalty training program is being started online on the Diksha portal for overall skill development of teachers.

13 training models have been prepared for teachers, in which health and physical education, leadership capacity development, ICT based teaching learning, gender sensitization, arts education, sports based education, inclusive education etc.

On completion of each course, marks will be given to the teacher on the basis of objective quiz and digital certificate will be given on securing 70 percent marks. The main objective of loyalty training is to enhance the capacity of teachers and to create a suitable, safe and inspiring environment for the students in the classroom.

Quizzes, activity based videos, weblinks and other reference material have been included in the curriculum of this training program focused on providing social, emotional and psychological support to students by teachers and developing leadership abilities in them.

The process of registration for loyalty training has started from July 23 and will continue till July 31.