Nora Emilie Nakken CROWNS Ida Hauan Miss Universe Norway 2022

Miss Universe 2021 & Miss Earth Norway 2020 Nora Emilie Nakken has just crowned her successor, the winner against 10 contestants Ida Anette Hauan aka Ida Hauan Miss Universe Norway 2022 today on Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at Samfunnssalen Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1 Oslo. Ida's court include Romée Riesanne Dahlen 1st Runner-up Miss Norway 2022.

Ida Hauan Miss Universe Norway 2022 will represent her nation Norway in the upcoming Miss Universe 2022. Ida Anette Hauan recently vistied Volunteer work at Mya's relocation. Mya's Reassignment told her - all cats taken in get a chance for a good life and home, regardless of background and age. Where there is room for the heart, there is room for the house

Ida shares This is a bit about me - My name is Ida Anette Hauan and I am 26 years old.
I live in Malvik, which is a beautiful little place just outside Trondheim. 
I bought an apartment here 3 years ago and am enjoying it very well,
I live here with my two cats, Luna and Hermione.
Check her blog reflecting her pageant journey -


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How did it happen that it is so important to us what kind of body shape or clothing size we wear? Who tells us what is right or wrong? Why is someone with a size 36 more beautiful or better than someone with a size 42?

These questions often cross my mind, because it is unfair. Someone is not better or prettier when they have a body shape you THINK you want to see them in. We are all human, we all have a body to be proud of and must be grateful for what our body can do. Maybe because I still have a slim body shape you think: why are you advocating body positivity? Well, because my body is healthy, so that's body positive enough, right? I believe that when you feel confident, positive and especially healthy in your body, you are body positive and no size or shape can give you access to this! #bodypositive