Novel Corona, MP PSC Members Confirmation & 5% DA to Sarkai Naukars in Today's Cabinet

5 percent increase in dearness allowance for government servants
Council of Ministers Cabinet Meeting
Bhopal: On Sunday, March 15, 2020, A 5 percent increase in dearness allowance payable to government servants was decided in the cabinet meeting held in the ministry headed by Chief Minister Kamal Nath. The rate of dearness allowance / dearness relief payable to government servants / pensioners / teacher cadre / panchayat secretaries of Panchayat and Rural Development Department and permanent employees in the meeting from 1 July 2019 (salary of July 2019 / payable in the month of August 2019) Increase of 5 percent in seventh pay scale i.e. 12 percent increase to 17 percent and increase in sixth pay scale by 10 percent i.e. increase 154 percent to 164 percent Security cabinet endorsed. The increased amount of Dearness Allowance / Dearness Relief will be paid from the salary / pension of March 2020 (payable in the month of April 2020). Separate orders will be issued for payment of arrears for the period from July 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020. 2 members appointed in Public Service Commission

The cabinet approved the appointment of Shri Ramu Tekam and Shri Rashid Suhail Siddiqui as members of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.

The meeting also approved the notification issued in the Madhya Pradesh Gazette (Extraordinary) on 7 February 2020 for amendment to the Madhya Pradesh Sand (Mining, Transport, Warehousing and Trade) Rules 2019.

Discussion on stopping the spread of novel corona virus

The guidelines issued to prevent the spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the state were also discussed in the Council of Ministers. It was informed at the meeting that a high level Group of Ministers has been constituted by the Government of India, which is reviewing the situation closely. The Union Health Minister has advised against mass celebrations and unnecessary travel in Parliament. It has also been directed not to allow celebrations at the collective level. The World Health Organization is constantly urging state governments to take proactive steps to stop the spread of the novel corona virus (COVID-19). Madhya Pradesh government is also taking necessary steps in this direction.

To keep schools, colleges, anganwadis, public libraries, water parks, gyms, swimming pools, cinema halls and marriage halls in the state closed till further orders, postpone official travel, trainings and public functions and organize gatherings of more than 20 people Legal measures are being taken to prevent this.

Culture Department postponed programs
Bhopal: Sunday, March 15, 2020, the programs being done by the Department of Culture in collaboration with various institutions have been postponed to prevent the infection of corona virus and its disease. These include the theatrical ceremony of March 15 at Ravindra Bhavan Bhopal, the proposed National Honor Awards at Bharat Bhavan on March 17, India Moons Art Festival 2020 to be held from March 21 to 27, Marathi Sahitya Academy on March 25, Sindhi Central on March 26. The cultural program of the Panchayat, Ravindra Bhavan, will be organized on 31 March for the Ustad Alauddin Khan Academy of Music and Arts Academy. Progress has been made.