NREGA Mate Selection: Instruction to fulfill the priorities set

Jaipur 4 June. Commissioner of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, Mr. P.C. Kishan has written to all the District Program Coordinators, EGS and District Collectors and directed them to ensure that the priority of selection of Mate has been set under the scheme.

He said that according to availability in all categories, members of selected families living below the poverty line, widow abandon or single woman, disabled, SC, ST members, backward class members and general category for selection of MAT. At least 50 percent women should be selected.

If women are not available in this category then 50 percent quota should be fulfilled from other category. As many women mates should be employed as possible.

He has given instructions to employ one on 10 to 50 workers and an additional mate on more than 50 workers to supervise the work.

  Mr. Kishan said that under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme, planning of MAT should be done by the Program Officer from a panel prepared on rotation basis.

Every mate identified in the Mate panel should not be employed for re-employment until the same period of employment is found. The planning of the men's mate should be done by rotation as per the available panel on completion of the fortnight.

In case of availability of female mats, female mats should be changed only if available, otherwise available female mats should be employed for more than 100 days. The male mate should not be employed in place of the female mate as far as possible.

Due to receipt of complaints against the planned MATE or if the work is unsatisfactory, the Program Officer will be able to remove and blacklist the Mate without any notice and such mates will not be re-employed for the next one year.

  He informed that Program Officer, EGS will be responsible for not planning the Mate on any work on rotation basis and not taking action as mentioned above.