Online Anganwadi children care and elementary education in digital platform

Chhattisgarh government's innovative initiative in Online
A series of online notifications broadcast every Monday

     Raipur, 06 April 2020 Government of Chhattisgarh is launching an innovative initiative based on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) through the Department of Women and Child Development keeping in view the overall development of children from zero to six years. Under this, accurate information about the overall development of children will be transmitted to the parents through a digital platform. Instructions have been issued by the Women and Child Development Department to all district collectors in this regard to take necessary action for the smooth implementation of this scheme in the district.
        In the instructions issued to the collectors, it has been said that at present the operation of Anganwadi centers has been stopped keeping in view the rescue from Kovid-19. During this period, nutritious food supplied in Anganwadi is being transported to the house of the beneficiaries in the form of take home ration supply. Along with nutrition, early childhood care and education is also an important aspect of children's development. Therefore, for the correct development of children, it is very important to convey all possible information to parents so that children can get a favorable environment for overall development at home even in the event of an anganwadi being closed. In this series, an innovative initiative based on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is being started by the Department of Women and Child Development.

    A letter issued to the collectors states that a series of accurate information on the overall development of children through digital platform to parents will be broadcast every Monday. Every Monday, two messages will be sent through WhatsApp to the District Program Officer of the Department, District Women and Child Development Officer. Out of this, one message will be related to the development of the age group of zero to 3 years and one message to the age group of 3 to 6 years. The duration of each message will be approximately 3-4 minutes.

    These messages will be transmitted by the district level officials to the project officers and supervisors. These messages will be disseminated to the Anganwadi workers through supervisors. These messages will be sent by the Anganwadi worker to the parents at the time of nutritious food delivery or home visit, the message will be sent by the department through WhatsApp to the parents who have a smart phone. In case of non-availability of smartphones with parents, the Anganwadi worker will convey the message during home visit and appropriate counseling will also be given. While conveying the message, instructions have been given to ensure the correct adherence to the instructions for prevention of spread of Corona virus (Kovid-19) such as hygiene social distance (social distancing) etc.
 The letter issued to the collector also stated that a video conferencing will be organized by the Directorate of Women and Child Development on Friday every week to remove and review the problems faced by the program.