Online MSP Registration for Moong, Urad, Soybean and Peanuts Sale to Government Commences on 20 October

Purchase of Moong, Urad, Soybean and Peanuts at support price
Online registration will start from October 20
More than 850 centers will be purchased

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Friday, 16 October 2020:
Cooperative Minister Uday Lal Anjana told on Thursday that online registration for purchase of moong, urad, soyabean and groundnut at support price in the state is being started from Tuesday, October 20. More than 850 procurement centers will purchase moong, urad and soyabean from November 1 and peanuts from November 18.

       Managing Director Rajfed Smt. Sushma Arora said that while registering the farmer, it should be ensured that the registered mobile number is linked to the Jan Aadhaar card, so that the timely date of intimation can be obtained.

First, know the special points of online registration
According to Rajfed Managing Director, Mrs. Sushma Arora, the farmer should give the correct bank account number so that the farmer does not face any problem while making online payment.

The most important RAJFED Managing Director's special tip is the helpline.
Help line number 1800-180-6001 will also be started from October 20 to solve the problems of farmers.

      Cooperative Minister said that 365 procurement centers have been identified for Moong, 161 for Urad, 266 for Groundnut and 79 for Soybean. He informed that more than 500 procurement centers have been opened this year as compared to the previous year. Shri Anjana said that in order to ensure no inconvenience to the farmers, online registration has been made at E-Mitra and procurement centers from 9 am to 7 pm.

       Cooperative Minister Uday Lal Anjana informed that the Government of India has approved the target of procuring 3.57 lakh metric tons of moong, Udd 71.55 thousand, soyabean 2.92 lakh and groundnut 3.74 lakh metric tons to the Central Government. In the absence of registration it will not be possible to purchase from the farmers at the support price.

      Minister Anjana said that for the year 2020-21, the support price has been declared as Rs 7196 for moong and Rs 6000 for urad, Rs 5275 for groundnut and Rs 3880 per quintal for soybean. In order to ensure that farmers do not face any problem in selling their produce, weighing-thorns will be installed at procurement centers and gunny bags will be made available in sufficient quantity.

      Principal Secretary, Cooperative Cooperative Keylal Meena said that the farmer will have to upload Janadhar card number, copy of Khasra Girdawari and copy of bank passbook along with registration form. The registration of the farmer by which he will be registered without Girdawari, will not be valid for purchase on the support price. If wrong registration is done by e-friend or registration is done outside tehsil, then strict legal action will be taken against such e-friend.

      Registrar Cooperatives Muktanand Aggarwal said that the farmer will be able to get a registration done in the name of the name mentioned in a Janadhar card. Farmers should take special care that the tehsil in which agricultural land should register for the endorsement of produce at the purchase center in the same tehsil's work area. If registration is done in the second tehsil, then registration will not be valid.