Part 2 Miss Grand International 2021 Contestants

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  1. Miss Grand Australia 2021 Angolina Amores, Australia,
  2. Miss Grand Bangladesh 2021 Mj Chowdhury, Bangladesh,
  3. Miss Grand Belgium 2021 Zomkey Tenzin, Belgium,
  4. Miss Grand Bolivia 2021 Eloísa Gutiérrez Rendón, Bolivia,
  5. Miss Grand Brazil 2021 Lorena Gonçalves Rodrigues, Brazil,
  6. Miss Grand Cambodia 2021 Pokimtheng Sothida Pokimtheng Sothida, Cambodia,
  7. Miss Grand Canada 2021 Olga Bykadorova, Canada,
  8. Miss Grand Chile 2021 Vanessa Camila Francisca Echeverria Maizares, Chile,
  9. Miss Grand China 2021 Shelley Wei, China,
  10. Miss Grand Colombia 2021 Mariana Jaramillo, Colombia,
  11. Miss Grand Rica 2021 Adriana Moya Alvarado Costa, Rica,
  12. Miss Grand Cuba 2021 Geysel Vaillant Vaillant, Cuba,
  13. Miss Grand Curacao 2021 Kimberly Fabiola Fernandes, Curacao,
  14. Miss Grand Czech Republic 2021 Barbora Aglerová, Czech Republic,
  15. Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2021 Stephanie Mercedes Medina, Dominican Republic,
  16. Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 Andrea Victoria Aguilera, Ecuador,
  17. Miss Grand Egypt 2021 Shahenaz Alaa Dabous Alaa Dabous, Egypt,