Part 4 2021 Miss World Contestants LIST

Tue, Nov 23, 2021, San Juan, Puerto Rico: It is 7AM in Morning, The has welcomed Miss World Contestants, most of the class 70th Miss World 2021 has arrived at San Juan and gone through essential formalities Registration and Fitting, Official Photoshoot and many more activities including group forming But The Several National Contestants are still to join the Crwon Contest. Please come back for updated information and final picture showing who are the official delegates.

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Title Name Age Native Place Nation Instagram @

  1. Miss World Greece 2021 Anna Pavlidou 22 Thessaloniki Greece
  2. Miss World Guadeloupe 2021 Prescilla Larose 22 Le Moule Guadeloupe
  3. Miss World Guatemala 2021 Michelle Calderón 20 Guatemala City Guatemala
  4. Miss World Guinea 2021 Nene Bah 24 Conakry Guinea
  5. Miss World Guinea-Bissau 2021 Itchacénia Da Costa 21 Bissau Guinea-Bissau
  6. Miss World Haiti 2021 Erlande Berger 24 Port-au-Prince Haiti
  7. Miss World Honduras 2021 Dayana Bordas 24 Ahuas Honduras
  8. Miss World Hungary 2021 Lili Tótpeti 20 Nagykanizsa Hungary
  9. Miss World Iceland 2021 Hugrun Birta Egilsdottir 22 Reykjavík Iceland
  10. Miss World India 2021 Manasa Varanasi 24 Hyderabad India
  11. Miss World Indonesia 2021 Carla Yules 25 Surabaya Indonesia
  12. Miss World Iraq 2021 Maria Farhad 20 Mosul Iraq

Miss World Final 2021 Now in New Venue José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico