Peru's Janick Maceta in Top 5: Miss Universe 2021 Hollywood Results Online


Janick Maceta is 26-years-old and works as an audio engineer in one of New York’s iconic studios, The Manhattan Center. For the past three years, Janick has contributed to many music, film and television productions including: the New York Philharmonic for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga’s Duet Album, and recorded with Akon, Jennifer Lopez and The Temptations. As a young entrepreneur, she co-founded a movement called Top of New York Music (T.O.N.Y) and is registered as a record label that aims to promote young musicians by producing their music.

In New York, she is certified to work with kids at the Head Start Association and New York Foundling that helps people with disabilities. Janick is also an advocate for sexually abused children and returned to Peru to set up an organization called Little Heroes that provides legal and psychological help to children and families who are victims of sexual violence.