Pictures and Videos from Miss USA State Costume Show 2021

After a long GAP its happening again, The Great Pageantry Miss USA's State Costume Show has just winded-up, with everyone enjoying the party at River Spirit Tulsa but some Miss USA Contestants have take pain to share their State Costume Pics and / or Videos. Have you been there? Whats your amazing experience please share.
Something Down The Memory @ Miss USA: Check Precious Videos from Past Miss USA State Costume Shows Too at the last of this article!!!
Lets check their amazing shares:

Tonight’s state costume show I represented West Virginia’s State Bird! 🕊
“Alexis is dressed as West Virginia’s state bird, the Northern Cardinal! Red feathers line her back and head representing the vibrant colors of the song bird. The loyal bird also known as “God’s messenger”, symbolizes devotion and good luck to all who see. When a cardinal is here, angels are near.”


For Arkansas, from Arkansas…

When I first heard that Miss USA was bringing back state costumes, I felt strongly that I wanted my costume to represent all that Arkansas has to offer, but I had no idea how to make my vision come to life. Fast forward a few weeks, and I walked into @violetsbridalandformal, where I met Stephanie, the owner. She shared how much she loved designing, and I felt compelled to tell her about the state costume. Her face lit up, and only a few minutes later, she sketched the costume of my dreams! Arkansas is the natural state, and I often feel that our beauty and grace are under-appreciated. This design features the state flower, apple blossoms (often called the dogwood). It is covered in diamonds, paying homage to Arkansas having the only active diamond mine in the United States. 
Thank you, @violetsbridalandformal & @floraleighnwa, for pouring your heart into this design. I’m proud to wear a costume designed in Arkansas by people who love this state as much as I do. 
A special thanks to @jdh.photograpy for capturing this perfectly at @sassafrasspringsvineyard during my send-off party!