Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Backbone of Surajpur Milk Producers

26 April 2020 - The Surajpur Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant has become backbone of Silphili Milk Producers in Corona lockdown 2.0.

Pilkha Ksheer Milk Processing Plant & The Family Restaurants is a stylish food point and dairy plant in Surajpur located at Address: Silphili, Chhattisgarh 497001

Under Surajpur Administration supervision, this Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant has not only solved the problem of Surajpur milk producers by making better arrangements for the purchase and marketing of milk, but has also helped them in this difficult time by giving them reasonable rates.

Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant is Big Help in Corona Times
Farmers of Surajpur district used to sell the milk produced in their areas to Surajpur, including hotels and sweet shops in the neighboring districts. The problem of selling milk arose due to the stoppage of traffic due to lockdown. Here the helpre entity Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant came in picture.

In such a situation, the district administration ensured the purchase and sale of milk at the Pilkha Ksheer dairy plant, Silfili, to address the problem of milk producing farmers.

Collector Deepak Soni said that about 700 liters of milk was supplied daily by the 90 milk producers of the district to the Pilkha Ksheer dairy plant.

During the lockdown period, arrangements were made to purchase milk of other milk producing farmers of the district here. More than 1500 liters of milk is being purchased here every day.

Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant is producing Milk Based Sweets

Surajpur Collector added that arrangements have been made for marketing the milk purchased in dairy. Pilkha Ksheer Dairy Plant is making Khova sweets, cheese and ghee,which yields better returns for Surajpur milk producers and they are happy getting reasonable prices.

Pilkha Ksheer Milk Processing Plant & The Family Restaurants is an example of wise move in Corona Era in preserving perishable items and providing means of survival to dairy business

What is business structure of Pilkha Kshir Producer Cooperative Society Surajpur?

Pilkha Kshir is alternate spelling of popular term Pilkha Ksheer which is group of milk businessmen working under cooperative rules.