Priyanka Gandhi Announces Chhattisgarh Model Unnati Vidhan in Uttar Pradesh Elections

Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, General Secretary, AICC released Party Manifesto ‘Unnati Vidhan’, Jan Ghoshna Patra for Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow

Proud moment for Chhattisgarh! In the manifesto of Congress in Uttar Pradesh elections, mention of "Chhattisgarh model" and "Godhan Nyay Yojana"
I am happy to inform that the "Chhattisgarh model" has been mentioned in the manifesto of the Congress party released today for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections and the party has resolved to implement the Godhan Nyay Yojana in Uttar Pradesh on the lines of Chhattisgarh. Taken: Bhupesh Baghel

Highlights of Press Briefing 09 February, 2022
Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, General Secretary, AICC released Party
Manifesto 'Unnati Vidhan', Jan Ghoshna Patra for Uttar Pradesh in
Lucknow, today.
Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi addressed the journalist and said thank you Lalu ji, Salman
Sir, Poonia ji, Nasimuleen ji, Amitabh ji, Mona ji, Suriya ji, all the leaders present
And my brothers and sisters of the media, first of all I welcome you in the event of this manifesto.
I want to do
Like Salman sahib told you that this is 'Utit Vidhan', which is our 'Shiv Vidhan'.
And what is the 'Recruitment Legislation', all these declarations we have issued and all the suggestions in it.
Huh, that we U.P. Let's meet Pelik.ᱹ We tried this for the last one and a half years, I think.
Let us go to every corner of the north country, our leaders, our manifesto committee and most of all
How did you do the work of solving those important issues, which are their problems by discussing them?
Let's talk about it, then all these suggestions have come in this manifesto.
Similarly, we did not take suggestions from other parties and put them in our manifesto. whatever we put in, Yes, that's just the voice of PUBLIC.
Like Lallu ji said that we struggled a lot for the last two years, but our struggle

There is nothing in comparison to the struggle of the people of Uttar Pradesh, as much as the people of Uttar Pradesh.
The troubles they are facing, that you know very well.
The biggest issue is that of employment, followed by inflation. to deal with both
So, for them, how do we solve these problems, for that we have a lot of discussion.
And we have done a lot in this legislation also and whatever is there, there is power legislation, in that also we have
About your announcements.

So I want to read some of the main points of this manifesto to you. First of all, which were our dreams, about which you are already aware, but I want to reiterate one thing, that the entire loan of the farmer will be waived. We are saying that when our government is formed, the debt of farmers will be waived within 10 days. When the Congress government came in Chhattisgarh, you all must have seen that within three hours the loans of farmers were waived off as soon as the oath was taken. In the same way we want to do this here also in the north-west.
At Rs 2,500 per quintal, wheat-paddy and at Rs 400 per quinttal will be purchased.

Electricity bill will be made half of all. Whose dues are waived in the Corona period?
Will go, it will be done. The one who got hit the most financially by Corona, those
25,000 rupees will be given to the family, so that they can stand on their feet once again. We
This has been announced many times in the past, repeating again that 20 lakh government jobs
Will get it delivered After preparing its complete blueprint, we told you a few days ago in the recruitment legislation.
Was. In that 12 lakh government posts are lying vacant, which the BJP government did not fill for 5 years.
We are saying that we will also fill those 12 lakh posts and in addition we will get 8 lakh more jobs.
Will give birth Along with this, we have said earlier also that 40 percent of the employment which was earlier
There are reservations, under them will be given to women.
If there is any disease, then up to 10 lakh rupees will be given free treatment from the government side.
Stray cattle is a big problem and in the north, less parties talk about it, but
The truth is that farmers are very happy and we have in our experience which is our Congress in Chhattisgarh.
The government is there, they made a complete plan that how we can solve this problem.
Its main point is in our 'Utti Vidhan', but I want to say here that those who
have suffered the loss of stray cattle, they will be given a compensation of Rs.3,000 and
A Gaudhan Adhyay Yojana will be launched, which will have many Elems, but one Elemist
This hack will buy cow dung for 2 rupees per kg. This is happening in Chhatisgarh and then that cow dung
In vam, if it is used by safe hap-access, it would have been more convenient.
For the small and medium scale industries, see, we all have seen, you have recently started a small business in Baghpat.
Saw the condition of the merchant and we all witnessed that very incident, one was live on Facebook and
We came to know that even his wife has died. This incident is very sad itself. but here
We are looking all over the country, whether I went to Noida to eat, whether I am in Bundale section.
Whether I have gone to Jhansi, whether it is here in Lucknow, wherever I am going, this is being seen.
Because those who are small businessmen and there are medium traders, they are so many and upset, because
For them absolutely no support, support has come from the side of the government and whether demonetisation
Yes, whether it is followed by GST and then the lockdown of Corona, the biggest problem
It is lying on the merchants. Whether it is a small shopkeeper, a small manufacturing unit, very much
Much inconvenience , but it is very sad from the side of the government that there is no support for them.
Didn't get it and in the two-three initiatives that came in this budget, you must have seen that where big and big
For the industrialists, who are friends of the Prime Minister, for them all the schemes, all the support,
Everything was written, but nothing was written for these small businessmen, something for the poor
That's why we want a special help, we can do for small business. This is the main point
The traditional letters that were used, such as the brass letter in Moradabad, the leather in Kanpur, we
Make the youth stronger and in this, if the young man starts his own small business
Wants to do his own marketing, wants to set up a unit, in that we have
I had already said in the recruitment legislation that what kind of facilities we will give. like them

will get loan 1
On percentage interest and in which way we will dve those letters, so that in those letters.
Whatever facilities are there for India, they are available and completely help these small businessmen.
For workers and employees, we have proposed that outsourcing will be stopped.
The regularization of contract personnel would be done in several phases. Did the cleaning personnel regularly
Will go So it is in our 'upgrade legislation' that we want to stop outsourcing.
How many outsourced and contractual work are done in some phases, one by one, each qualifying,
They should be regularised. Their honorarium will become respectable due to regularization.
And we will be able to take advantage of other facilities.
Want to increase the month?
As far as land rights will be given, the slum land will be in your name and the middle class will be given
The land will get more economic impetus for affordable housing.
Two for rural development which are the main issue, though it includes urban development, rural development,
A lot of other problems with middle class, but don't want to spend much time right now. the main
In rural development, we want to increase the salary of ram padhan by Rs.6,000 per month.
And the watchman's salary up to Rs.4,000 per month.
We want to increase the budget for health services by 5 percent.
The Kovid user will get a compensation of Rs 50 lakh. Joe in school school
It is increasing wildly, it will be controlled. From other facility at lock level
Youth Public Libraries will be set up. A total of two lakh vacancies of teachers will be filled.
Adhoc Teachers and Shiksha Mitra, Yelej Listen carefully, of Adhoc Teachers and Shiksha Mitra
Regularization will be done according to experience and service. This was a very big demand and education
Friend struggled a lot for this. I met a lot of women, a lot of education from friends
Milli, who have been fighting for years, that their honorarium should increase, so that they should be regularized.
So we want to tell them, we have heard their voice and if our government will be formed, then this
We will show you the work done for you. The vacant posts of Sanskrit and Urdu teachers should also be filled.
Will go
From KG to Scheduled Caste Students and Scheduled Tribe Students for Social Studies
Free education will be available till PG. Created sub-quota of reservation for the most backward castes
Will go The Nishad will get the right over the resources from the heart. For Backward Castes
Special programs like scholarships, hotels are included in this 'Utti Vidhan'. For Artisans and Weavers
One reserved seat in the Legislative Council. I want you to be a reserve for the media too.
There should be a seat in it.
The Kol community will be given Scheduled Tribe status. For 'Different Sisters' and Brothers
3,000 rupees per month pension will be given. I had gone to Jhansi, some people met me in that forest.
And he told me that his pension is very less, at least up to Rs.3,000 per month
If we should increase, then listening to them, I talked to most, discussed and we decided that
This is absolutely possible and we will do it. So I want to tell you special the one who tells me
We have met that your demand, we have put it in this manifesto.
Women police personnel will be given permission for posting in their home district. a lot of women
Police personnel met ifaq . Many people detained me, that time the conversation
Got a chance to do it and came to know that someone's house is in Noida, the port is in Sitapur, mother
I am alone in Noida and have to come to Sitapur to work, so I think this
There is a big issue for them. So my sister, we thought it would be nice to help them
That they should have their porting in the same area of ​​their house.
A Legislative Council seat for ex-servicemen and those who write and show the truth
We will put an end to all the cases against whom the cases have been filed. So
You will get freedom, which you do not have today.
So Yemuyya baduh.ᱹ I want to say and I repeat this point again and again
Time we should talk about development. We should raise those issues, by which your life
Be better Wherever I go, I ask, in 5 years your life will be better, you
Got facilities and don't have a place, don't have a house, don't have a family, which I am asking about this question.
In response I can say yes. Everyone says, there are many youths, people say that it is okay to get ration.
Gone. But they tell me that we will do with ration. ok will get some convenience,
But how will our progress, how will we become capable, how will we become humble, how will we be on our feet
Will stand
So again and again, no matter how many Congress party leaders we are, we are trying to make a positive impression.
We want that the answer should be about the country, it should be about the people, it should be about the development of the people and
Whoever is watching this drama, I appeal to you that you are from all political parties.
In your areas of development, in your locality, in the streets, there are no taps, no roads built.
Yes, electricity is not there, water is not coming, education facilities are not there, for health
Or is there a facility, you raise all these questions and by forcing them, contest the elections on those questions.
Go. So we hope that our manifesto will solve all your problems.
What is the matter. All of you will read it carefully and at the time of casting your vote also you can keep your attention on it.
Will attract
On one hand, what you have tweeted on the hijab has sparked a debate, what would you say?
Mrs. Gandhi said, "Good man?" I have started a debate on Hijab? see, a woman
He has the right to wear a bikini, he wants to wear a hijab, he wants to wear a veil, he
Wants to wear a sari, he wants to wear a jesus, there is no political talk in this and it should not be
In response to another related to this, Mrs. Gandhi said, "Look, you are equivocal.
doing something

You can also say. No one has the right to tell a woman that you
Wear it I am telling you , take off that kaf, take off kaf yourself.
In response to another related to this, Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi said that you are wherever you are,
Wherever I am, do I have any right to say this to you? No, Apple.
In response to another question about the lack of oxygen at the time of Corona, Smt.
Said that look, when there was no oxygen being available here in the north, then in Chhattisgarh.
The government had sent taxis here from Chhattisgarh.
In reply to another question by asking Chhatisgarh, Mrs. Gandhi said, have you done?
In Chhatisgarh, see the corpse in the heart of Chhattisgarh?
On the other hand, the BJP is saying that the unemployment rate is decreasing, but the working class
Age pollution which is there, it is increasing in north country, what would we say, Mrs. Gandhi said that
I don't trust BJP. So I am not even trusting their figures.
The figures are in our cited legislation, the actual figures which are , they are , we have talked about them all.
So I can't talk to them. What figures do they give, they say that everyone is happy.
So it is said that a lot of progress is being made. I go from house to house , there is nothing. people because of inflation
You are not able to earn your livelihood.
In reply to another query regarding Pension Scheme for Employee Mrs. Gandhi
Said that we have discussed a lot on this. Because there was so much demand that we are on old pension.
We should go back to the old episodes. We discussed a lot, we think there is a middle in this.
The amount of money can be removed. The way in which the government's reduction is there, it should be increased.
If yes, then from my point of view you will have to find a middle way in answering your question.
In reply to another Mrs. Gandhi said that I have said earlier also that hot.
Take it out, take out the chew, what's this going on? Recruit, Vacancies are lying, Recruitment
Take it out We have prepared a complete blueprint that how we will remove the recruitment. We are also telling this
Where will you get it? We are telling this from where we will get employment. We are saying all this
And you are telling each other that someone is saying that you will take out the fat, you will take out the heat, it is useless.
What is the matter.ᱹ The things that mislead these people.ᱹ
In reply to another Mrs. Gandhi said that cannot make everyone happy, 40 percent
We have fielded female candidates who were women looking to fight; There was a lot, more than that
There were 4-4, 5-5 women in each seat, only one could choose from them, neither we. So look, no one
One has to be disappointed, right?

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