Prosperity To Farmer & Development Oriented Budget: Minister Lalchand Kataria

Development oriented and prosperous budget of every section,
Presented concrete concepts for the prosperity of the farmer - Agriculture Minister
  Jaipur, 20 February 2020. Describing the state budget as development oriented, providing relief to the common man and bringing welfare and prosperity to every section, Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria said that it has presented a concrete concept to increase the prosperity of the farmer. He said that our sensitive and farmer-friendly Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot has made a provision of 3 thousand 420 crore rupees in the budget, from providing adequate fertilizer-seeds to farmers on time, from water to irrigation and easy marketing including electricity. Due to which the area of ​​agriculture and crop production will increase in the state and tenants will be prosperous. He thanked the Chief Minister for the unprecedented steps taken in the interest of farmers.

Agriculture Minister Mr. Kataria said that a provision of 150 crore rupees has been made to build 12 thousand 500 farm ponds in our water scarcity state. After spending 91 crore, 30 thousand hectares of additional land will be irrigated with micro-irrigation and fountains. Also, irrigation projects will be strengthened. With this, the tenants will get better irrigation facilities along with water conservation and increasing the water level of the land.
     He said that in the coming year, with 25 thousand new agricultural connections, 267 crore will be installed with 25 thousand solar pumps. Besides, additional subsidy will be given to the tribal farmers for installing solar pumps. This will enable adequate power supply for irrigation on time. With the announcement of power supply in two blocks of the day and the installation of large number of solar pumps, farmers will be able to get rid of the cold of night.
       Mr. Kataria said that with the additional storage of urea and DAP and increasing the production of high quality seed, farmers will get timely availability of fertilizer and seeds. He said that with the opening of 44 independent and one hundred mandis, the private sector would be able to sell the produce at the right price to the nearest place by promoting private sector. Along with this, two new Acts will be introduced this year after formulation of Agro Processing, Agribusiness and Agri Export Promotion Policy to increase the income of farmers. With the transparent system of crop loan distribution, farmers will be able to get loans easily. The construction of two thousand new GSS and 130 godowns will facilitate the storage of produce. He said that after the opening of new veterinary centers on a large scale in the last budget, now the livestock owners will be trained and introduced with new technology so that the livestock will be able to increase their income by modern animal husbandry.