Public Relations Secretary IAS D.D. Singh Virtual Meeting on Corona Awareness

The message of rescue measures from Corona should be conveyed to the people: Secretary Public Relations

Public Relations Secretary Shri D.D. Singh took a virtual meeting of public relations officers
Instructed for wide publicity of "Kovid-19 Fair Practices Campaign"

Raipur, 06 April 2021 With regard to further accelerating the "Kovid-19 Fair Practices Campaign" to encourage and encourage people about Corona infection prevention and corona vaccination and to create a positive environment, Today Secretary Public Relations D.D. Singh held a virtual meeting of district public relations officers of all districts with senior officers of the department.

He instructed the public relations officers to carry out extensive publicity of the measures to prevent corona through media, social media and all means of mass media and also to motivate and make aware the eligible people about the ongoing corona vaccination in the districts.

Secretary Shri Singh said that under the "Kovid-19 Fair Practices Campaign", make publicity materials, news, success stories, articles in local language and broadcast it in all media. He said that to prevent corona infection, people must be constantly informed about measures such as wearing masks, physical distancing, using a sanitizer and periodically washing hands with soap. Vigilance is the most effective way to protect against corona. In coordination with the district administration, he should also display poster-banners informing people about the safety measures of Corona in public places, Haat markets and Chowk-intersections for public awareness.
    Public Relations Secretary Shri D.D. Singh said that in this public awareness campaign, voluntary, social service, professional, sports and youth organizations, religious and cultural institutions and women self-help groups should be connected at the local level. He also instructed voluntary organizations to seek as much support as possible in the campaign. Secretary Mr. Singh said that my mask - my safety, I have got vaccinated, such as to make people aware through slogans too. He said that if the people who have been vaccinated by Corona vaccine, automatically put the badge of I Am Vaccinated, then it will send a better message in the society and others will be inspired.
    Secretary Mr. Singh said that the statements of senior officials of district administration, health experts, doctors, chief medical officer etc., regarding the rescue and proper behavior from Kovid-19, by making TV bytes etc., newspapers, local news channels, cable Publicize and broadcast on TV and social media. Banners, posters can be put up for protection and appropriate treatment from Kov-19 in collaboration with business entities, Chamber of Commerce, Petrol Pump Association, Mall, Shopping Complex etc. Poster-banners with information related to rescue and proper behavior from Kovid-19 in all district offices, district and tehsil level offices, health centers and fair price shops, gram panchayats and other offices including joint district office in collaboration with district administration Should be planted. Issue of TV statements by local celebrities, sports and film personalities, heads of religious and social organizations, awareness and protection from Kovid-19 and Corona vaccination.
Promotion of vaccination campaign
    He said that for the maximum publicity of corona vaccination, publicity of the vaccine, which is being vaccinated by the representatives of their respective districts, make their photo, a small byte viral on the social media of the district. In addition to Chhattisgarhi, the videos related to vaccination are made and disseminated in the local dialects of local dialects like Halbi, Gondi, Sargujiha Voli, Jashpur.

Secretary Shri Singh instructed the officials to spread the media widely that the vaccine can be prevented to a great extent by preventing vaccination, but for this, strict adherence to preventive measures is necessary. is. Even after applying the first or second or both doses of the vaccine, it is mandatory to apply a mask, keep 2 yards away from the others and periodically clean the hands with soapy water.

Director in charge Mr. JL Dear, Joint Secretary Mr. Umesh Mishra, Additional Director Mr. Umesh Kumar Mishra, Joint Director Mr. Alok Dev, Mr. Sanjeev Tiwari and Under Secretary Mr. Vibhor Aggarwal were present.