R’Bonney Gabriel Nola is WINNER of State Costume Show Miss USA 2022

The Texas Bluebonnet Reimagined is The Winner, The Presentation by R’Bonney Gabriel Nola Miss Texas USA 2022 at 71ST Miss USA 2022 Competition
Miss Texas USA Wear The Texas State Flower Bluebonnet Inspired Reimagined Costume to Win The Show!!!

2nd Place WINNER: Emily Suttle Miss Tennessee USA 2022
3rd Place WINNER: Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022

2021 Miss Texas USA R’Bonney Gabriel aka R’Bonney Nola emerged WINNER of The Best State Costume Miss USA 2022 against 50 Contestants in Grand Theater GSR, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno Nevada at the end of State Costume Show Competition today on Sun, Oct 02 commencing from 7:30 PM.

Check R’Bonney Nola Visual in the Sparkle of Blueish Purple in spectacular setup of State Costume Show where the amazingly beautiful and elegantly conceptualized 51 State Costumes were presented by 51 Miss USA 2022 Contestants.

Check Winning Costume The Texas Bluebonnet Reimagined Pictures Presented by R’Bonney Gabriel Nola Miss Texas USA 2022

Who Designed The Winner Costume?

MISS USA 2022 THE BEST IN STATE COSTUME WINNER is Miss Texas - R'bonney Nola @rbonneynola

n.... The Winner Designer is Patrick Isorena, Designer at STARRCREATIONS with winning slogan "Be the STARR of the event." The Winning Design for Costume Show @ Miss USA 2022 is an inspiration and reimagined from Bluebonnet, The State Flower of Texas with mesmerizing Purple Sparkle!!!

The 2nd Place State Costume Show WINNER: Emily Suttle Miss Tennessee USA 2022 has chose her Winning Costume To Pay Homage To Women Struggled for Equal Voting Rights and Her Tennessee State, Check The Winner's Statement:

Forward Into Light was the rallying cry for the suffragist movement. My costume pays homage to all who struggled and fought for equal voting rights for women, and With the nation at a standstill in ratifying the 19th amendment Tennessee legislature called a special session and voted to ratify the 19th amendment, clinching the passage of the amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.
When designing my costume I wanted it to embody enlightenment, courage, vision, and feminism. Every aspect including red to symbolize protest, gold to symbolize victory, materials which are fabricated and then scorched to become the torch flames combine with the sculpted and twisted structure to embody an eternal flame.
One hundred years later, the right to vote is just as crucial. Let us all strive for equality and enlightenment as we continuously move Forward Into Light.
A huge thank you to @mattlogan for this absolute work of ART! A million thank yous is not enough.

What an honor it was to get second place among so many stunning costumes!

Now The Look of 3rd Place State Costume Show WINNER @ Miss USA 2022: Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022

All Images Credit: Miss USA Social Media