Raipur: According to the intention of the Chief Minister, the tradition of 'Roka-Chheka' will be made more effective in rural areas

The state government prepared a detailed road map to strengthen the system of Gothan

All necessary facilities will be developed in phases in Gothan

The Gothan Management Committees will conduct the work of control, management and maintenance and operation of the cattle in the open with the grant money.

Detailed guidelines issued regarding works to be done in Gothan and maximum expenditure limit

Maximum Rs 3 lakh on the construction of animal sheds, 2 lakh rupees on purchase of equipment and machinery, provision of revolving fund of Rs 20 thousand for self-help groups for economic activities.

Provision of funds for payment of electricity and water bills and contingency expenditure of Gothan

 Raipur 21 June 2020

Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, a detailed road map has been prepared by the state government to make the tradition of Roka-Chheka more prevalent in rural areas of Chhattisgarh and to strengthen the system of Gothans. According to this road map, all the necessary facilities will be developed in Gothan in a phased manner. Works like construction of sheds for animals and construction of work sheds for SHGs, fencing in pastures and group enclosures, storage rooms, veterinary rooms, setting up of bio gas plants, water systems, along with providing necessary equipment and machinery in the plantations Will be made. For this, the first installment of grant money has been released to Gothan Management Committees. The committees will carry out the construction work under the capital works in Gothan as well as the operation and maintenance of various activities in Gothan within the prescribed maximum expenditure limit.

 Allocation has been issued by the Finance Department to the Panchayat and Rural Development Department for Gothans in rural areas and Urban Administration and Development Department for Gothans in urban areas. A grant of Rs 40 thousand has been released to the management committees of the Gothanas as the first installment for each Gothan. Commissioner of Agricultural Production Dr. Detailed guidelines have been issued by M. Geeta regarding capital works, operations and maintenance works done in Gothanas and maximum expenditure limit for these works.

  The Gothan Management Committees will conduct capital works in Gothan as per the maximum expenditure limit. In these works, maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs per plant for drainage construction in Gothans, Rs. 3 lakhs per shed for construction of sheds from locally available low cost material for cattle, three to four plots according to the area of ​​Gothans. The maximum expenditure limit can be made per platform is 75 thousand rupees. Similarly, an amount of Rs 1.10 lakh per hectare can be spent on fencing of Gothan. Rs. 1.50 lakhs per plant for tube wells and pumps in Gothans and fences, Rs. One lakhs per Self Help Group for construction of work sheds for Self Help Groups, 2 cubic meters of Bio Gas Plant for the work of setting up Bio Gas Plant. 35 thousand rupees, 40 thousand rupees for 3 cubic meter plant, 45 thousand rupees for 4 house meter plant, 60 thousand rupees for 6 cubic meter plant and maximum 8 lakhs for establishment of 35 cubic meter plant Rupees, up to a maximum of 5 rooms on construction of storage room, Rs. 1 lakh per room, Rs. 2 lakh per Gothan for veterinary room construction, Rs. 80 thousand per Gothan for construction of a cot in the shed, Rs. 50 thousand on the construction of soak pit. Rs 60 thousand per plant on construction work per unit, 1.10 lakh per hectare on pasture fencing, Rs 1.50 lakh per hectare on pasture fencing, Rs 1.50 lakh per pasture on pasture tube, and 1.10 lakh per hectare on chainlink fencing (enclosure) in collective enclosure adjoining Gothan. , 25 thousand rupees per hectare on land leveling in collective fence and pasture adjacent to Gothan 40 thousand rupees per Gothan, CPT on construction of water tank in Yer, Gothan. A maximum expenditure limit of Rs. 70 thousand per Gouthan on construction, Rs. 1 lakh per Gauthan on solar panel light, Rs. 1.10 lakh per Gouthan on road construction (Muram) in Gauthan.

 The Gothan Management Committees will conduct various works related to the operation of the activities in the Gothan with the grant money. The committees will be able to spend a maximum of Rs 25 thousand per year on basic medicines for animal first aid, Rs 15 thousand per acre on fodder production, sowing, maintenance and harvesting, 50 thousand rupees per plant on plantations around platforms and sheds. Out of the amount of plantation, a tree guard of 6 feet height will also be arranged. 75 thousand rupees per hectare on cultivation of Kharif and Rabi crops in the collective Bari and vegetable cultivation in Zayed and four thousand rupees per hectare on the planting of fruitful plants like Lime and Sitaphal in the collective Bari, self-help working in the rural employment center of Gothan. A revolving fund of Rs 20 thousand will be made available to the groups for production, packing and marketing of the material. A maximum of 2 lakh rupees will be spent on the purchase of equipment and machines required for plantations and pastures, and the management committees can spend a maximum of 2 lakh rupees per machine on the purchase of equipment and machinery required for rural employment centers.

The maximum expenditure limit has also been fixed for various works of maintenance of Gothan. Committees maximum Rs. 15 thousand per month on payment of electricity, water dues of Gothan, pasture and collective farm, maximum Rs. 10 thousand on Gothan sanitation, vermi compost tank filling and removal work, animal control, grazing system and tree care A maximum of 6 thousand rupees per year can be spent on materials and equipment like perla, tasla, bucket, rapa, ganti etc. Out of the grant amount, a maximum expenditure of Rs. 3 thousand per month has been fixed for contingency expenditure.