Raipur Arms Licensees Now Allowed Only 2 Weapons: Collector Dr. S. Bharathidasan

The licensee will now have a maximum of two weapons instead of three.
Instructions for submission of third weapon before 31 March

Raipur 01 March 2021

The provisions of the Arms Act 1959 have been amended. Arms, the director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, issued a letter asking them to follow the instructions as per the Ordnance Amendment Act 2019.

Collector and District Magistrate, Dr. S. Bhartidasan said that according to Rule (2) of the Ordnance (Amendment) Act 2019, if a licensee has three arms, then the rule has been amended to keep only two arms.

Raipur Collector Dr. S. Bharatidasan has said that all such licenses must deposit the third weapon held under their license with the nearest police station, arms dealer or authorized armorr by 31 March 2021. If any licensee falls under the category of sportspersons, then they have to present the certificate obtained from Chhattisgarh Rifle Association or Indian Rifle Association to the respective branch of the Collector Office.

Necessary action will be taken under the Arms Act in the event of not submitting arms or certificates for the stipulated time.