Raipur: The historical old pond Budha Talab in capital Raipur will become center of attraction in city, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister observes old pond, public participation is necessary to keep the ponds clean

After cleaning, the old pond will be beautified as planned

Other ponds of the city will also be cleaned and beautified

    Raipur, 26 May 2020 Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that the historic old pond of the capital Raipur, Vivekananda Sarovar, will become the center of attraction of the city in the coming years just like the Telibandha pond. After cleaning the old pond, beautification of old pond will be done as planned. The Chief Minister visited the old pond of the capital Raipur this afternoon after cleaning it. Shri Baghel lauded the campaign launched by Municipal Corporation Raipur for cleaning the old pond from 11th of this month. He said that hyacinth and garbage have been extracted from old pond by working day and night. Now the water of the pond is clearly visible.
    Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria, MLAs Mr. Satyanarayana Sharma, Mr. Kuldeep Juneja and Mr. Vikas Upadhyay, Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur Mr. Ejaz Dhebar, Chairman Mr. Pramod Dubey, Chief Secretary Mr. R.P. The Board, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Rakesh Chaturvedi, Collector in charge and Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Raipur, Shri Saurabh Kumar, along with many councilors and public representatives were present on the occasion.

    It is known that from May 11 to May 25, the Municipal Corporation Raipur worked to extract hyacinth and silt from the old pond for 6 hours every day. In this work, 11 trucks and seven Pokalain machines were installed, 85 social workers, 30 contract workers, 50 fishermen, including various social organizations, team of students of Durga College donated labor. Councilors including Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Kumar Dahria, Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur Mr. Ejaz Dhebar also donated labor for the cleanliness of the pond. So far, about 1100 damper hyacinth and silt have been taken out from the old pond.

    The Chief Minister said that the Municipal Corporation Raipur was earlier directed to make Raipur City a tanker-free city, which has been largely successful. Now the number of tankers in the city has reduced considerably. The ancient ponds built by our ancestors are a beautiful identity of the city. Along with keeping the old ponds including old pond also safe, their cleanliness and beautification will be done. Public participation is necessary to keep the ponds clean and tidy. People in the neighborhoods around the ponds have to be made aware of this. Sewerage water coming into the ponds should also be stopped.