Rajasthan CM Video Meeting, Emergency plan needed to stop Corona's community spreading

Chief Minister gave strict instructions
Emergency plan needed to stop Corona's community spreading

Jaipur, 06 April 2020. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has instructed the health and administrative officials to work on a war footing to prevent the spread of corona infection in the Ramganj area of ​​Jaipur. The infection situation in the region is critical and there is a need to implement a master plan to prevent community spread of the virus. He said that the number of infected persons in the districts of Jaipur, Jodhpur Churu, Tonk, Jhunjhunu etc. is increasing rapidly, for which there is a need to increase the speed of sample collection and testing immediately.

Sample facility for random test on the spot
On Monday, Mr. Gehlot said in a regular video conference at the Chief Minister's residence that a large number of suspicious people would have to be isolated on the lines of Bhilwara in Jaipur. For this, according to the fixed protocol, use the identified hostel facilities of various educational institutions etc. located in the city. He said that testing facilities should be increased in Ramganj including door-to-door survey and PCR testing, so that samples can be taken for random test on the spot.

Also minimize movement of health workers to the workplace
The Chief Minister said that there is a need to stop the movement of people immediately and more strictly in the areas of Jaipur where corona positive cases have been reported. In other parts of the city too, only those connected with urgent services should get out of their house. He also suggested minimizing the movement of health workers in the city from their home to the workplace and said that as a precaution every person should cover the mouth and nose with clothes or masks when they leave the house.

Inspire by issuing religious leader loudspeakers, pamphlets, video messages etc.
Shri Gehlot said that the fast pace of spread of infection in Rajasthan is a challenge for all. We have to collectively make efforts to avoid imminent danger to people's lives at the earliest. For this, the public will have to cooperate with health workers and administration. To protect humanity, it is the duty of the religious leaders, clerics, public representatives and senior people of the community to issue loudspeakers, pamphlets, video messages, etc. to motivate the common people to cooperate with health workers and give them correct information about health and travel. .

15 days isolation required to save life
The Chief Minister said that while educating the common man about the infection of this virus, we have to tell people not to gather even for religious rituals, worship or Namaz and follow the discipline of social distance. He said that suspects going into quarantine would have to explain that a 15-day isolation is necessary to save lives. In this time of crisis, people of all societies should cooperate with each other and fight together.

Jaipur MLA will give full cooperation in giving education in following protocol
During the video conference, Jaipur city legislators said that they are aware of the protocols laid down by the health authorities during the survey or investigation and to provide complete information to the health workers during the survey or investigation and to keep the common people aware to prevent infection. Will give full support in giving education to follow completely. He said that there is a need to convince the general public through various media that the state government and administration should cooperate in the efforts being made to save the lives of the people. It should be clear to all that the Health Survey as well as stringent steps like lockdown, curfew, quarantine and isolation have been taken to protect the corona patients, suspects and their families.

Elderly have to give up the love and love of young children
Health experts said that in large families, the elderly will have to give up the temptation and love of young children for a short time to protect them from corona infection. He said that the corona virus causes respiratory problems and increases the risk of other diseases of the elderly by leaps and bounds. In this way, the elderly will have to leave for some time apart from isolating themselves inside the family as well as their emotional relationship with the younger children. He said that for this, understanding of family members will have to be increased.

During the video conference, Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, Transport Minister Mr. Pratap Singh Khachariwas, Chief Whip Mr. Mahesh Joshi, MLAs Mr. Rafiq Khan and Amin Kagaji, Chief Secretary Mr. D.B. Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary Home Shri Rajiv Swaroop, Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Rohit Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary Energy Shri Ajitabh Sharma, Jaipur Police Commissioner Shri Anand Srivastava, Government Secretary Medical Education Vaibhav Galaria, Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan Health Sciences University, Dr. Rajababu Panwar, Principal of SMS Medical College, Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, District Collector Jaipur Mr. Jog Ram other senior officers.