Rajasthan Native NRI Doctors association in DORI, Doctors of Rajasthan International formed by Rajasthan Foundation

Formation of 'Dori' to connect Rajasthan doctors settled in India and abroad with their soil

"Dori" Doctor of Rajasthan International formed by Rajasthan Foundation whose members are doctors of Rajasthan origin living abroad

Jaipur, Rajasthan, Saturday, 17 October 2020:

"Dori" Doctor of Rajasthan International formed by Rajasthan Foundation whose members are doctors of Rajasthan origin living abroad. The Rajasthan Foundation is playing a key role to connect all these doctors to their land.

Commissioner of Rajasthan Foundation, Mr. Dhiraj Shrivastava said that the Foundation is carrying out this work by becoming the link between the government and these doctors. In order to increase medical connectivity during the time of Corona and to keep the contact of all these doctors from Rajasthan, an open forum is also kept weekly with questions related to their professional and personal life in which people can join and ask their questions.

He told that in the first episode, Dr. Jayveer Rathod, who is working in Florida USA and is a neuro surgeon, talked to him and in the second episode, Dr. Sapna Purawat who is working as a psychiatrist in California.

In this program, the doctors shared their experiences related to life as well as talks about further dreams in which they told that they have been out of Rajasthan for a while but they want to do something for their state again, their He wants to give services and through Rajasthan Foundation, he is seeing this dream come true.

Dr. Jayveer Rathore shared his experience and said that epilepsy disease is still seen in a different way in the village of Rajasthan, people still lack awareness about this disease.
 Based on his experiences, Dr. Sapna said that depression is becoming a door-to-door disease and especially now that due to Corona epidemic, depression has made its place in every category in every age, which is very important to get out.

Physical illnesses also cause mild illnesses, many times we get cured by taking moderate rest, and sometimes we also have very big diseases which take the form of cancer.
In the same way, mental illnesses can also be from the smallest to the greatest. People often try to study this disease on their own. But if someone tells you that he is feeling that he is in depression, then you should take him to the doctor.
Talking to Dr. Sapna, MPS School International Psychology Teacher and Counselor Dr. Bhavna and teacher Vijaya Lakshmi and some students asked their questions.

This interview is taken by Mrs. Anshu Harsh.