Rajiv Gandhi Punyatithi The Death Anniversary 21 May 2020: Salutations & Tributes

Rajiv Gandhi Death Anniversary is Anti-Terrorism Day
Governor salutes former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary

Raipur, 20 May 2020  Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey has saluted former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary.

She said that he was a politician of modern thinking. He aspired to complete the country with high technology.

Late Rajiv Gandhi took innovative initiatives in the country like Communication Revolution, Computer Revolution, Franchise to Youth and Panchayati Raj.

His death anniversary is celebrated as Anti-Terrorism Day.

On this day, we take a pledge that we will stand firm against the evils like terrorism, Naxalism and unite and free the country and the state from them.

Rajiv ji laid the foundation stone of modern Indian Navnirman: Shri Baghel: Chief Minister salutes him on his death anniversary    

Raipur, 20 May 2020 Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has bowed to the former Prime Minister of India, Bharat Ratna late Shri Rajiv Gandhi on May 21 on his death anniversary. Recalling the important contribution of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi in the development and renovation of the country, Mr. Baghel said in his message released here today on the eve of his death anniversary that Rajiv ji, the dreamer of modern India, as the youngest Prime Minister of the country. The reins of Samhali and his innovative thinking brought a new momentum and direction to the country by bringing information in India. The result of his visionary youth is that today we are able to see the present form of e-governance and transparency in government functioning. The foundation of the current Digital India was laid during Rajiv ji's tenure by introducing information technology and computer revolution in the country by introducing information technology. Rajiv ji also played an important role in strengthening the foundation of the country by giving more powers to Panchayati Raj institutions and urban bodies. He reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 and gave the youth the right to vote. He opened up avenues for industries in the country by promoting science and technology.

    Mr. Baghel said that Rajiv ji kept away from politics in his early life, but in sudden odd circumstances he started with important responsibility of the Prime Minister and set an example of service to the nation. Rajiv ji dreamed of modern and fast growing India of the 21st century and took many important decisions to fulfill this dream. A simple, simple nature, Rajiv ji also had a deep attachment with Chhattisgarh. He also closely observed the tribal culture and residents here and worked for their development. His brief 1985 stay at Kulhadighat, a tribal region in Gariaband district, is still cherished in the memories of the residents there. At the same time, he visited Dugali in Dhamtari district, now also known as Rajiv Gram. His memories of migration to Chhattisgarh are still fresh in the minds of the people here. Mr. Baghel said that Rajiv ji dreamed of inclusive development and formulated policies for it. Following his footsteps, our government in Chhattisgarh is also working for the development of everyone from Antyodaya to entrepreneurs.

    Mr. Baghel said that the Government of Chhattisgarh is going to start the 'Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana' on the death anniversary of former Prime Minister late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, under which 19 lakh farmers of the state transferred Rs. 5700 crores in four installments directly to their accounts Will go. He said that Rajiv ji did not bow down to terrorism and did not even care about his life for the country. Today, on May 21, the entire nation is celebrating Anti-Terrorism Day in honor of Late Rajiv Gandhi and to pay homage to him. All resolve and work for development in the country and state by ending the roots of terrorism, Naxalism, corruption will be a true tribute to Rajiv ji.