Ready-to-eat food home delivery in Pandemic by Anganwadi Workers and Assistants

Distribution of ready-to-eat food in the corona period: Anganwadi workers and assistants are being driven from house to house by villagers to install corona vaccine
Workers and assistants of Agnabadi are also offering counseling services to pregnant women and malnourished children.

Mahasamund 06 May 2021 06 months to 03 years through workers and assistants of 1780 Anganwadi centers operated by Women and Child Development Department in the district, following the rules of Kovid-19, as per the instructions issued by the state government for the control of the growing infection of Corona. Distribution of ready-to-eat is being done for their children and children from 03 to 06 years, pregnant women, infant women and severely malnourished children.

The Program Officer for Women and Child Development said that 750-750 grams for children from 06 months to 03 years and children between 03 years to 06 years, 100 grams for pregnant and infants and 1200 grams for severely malnourished children. Brick packets are being distributed on the first and third Tuesday. So that the benefits of supplementary nutritious diet are available to the beneficiaries even during the lockdown. Apart from this, counseling services are also being provided to all pregnant women and malnourished children.

Apart from this, support is also being provided in daily cleaning of Anganwadi centers, vaccination work, weighing machine, UHSND, active surveillance and contact tracing in the cantonment zone. Parents are also being provided the necessary information through auditions under the vigilance campaign. In the crisis period of Corona epidemic, all Anganwadi workers, assistants following the rules of Kovid-19 are being motivated to apply the Corona vaccine to the villagers and people of the urban area in better execution of their duty. Anganwadi worker assistants are also being advised to apply corona vaccine and use masks to protect people from corona, maintain social distance, wash with regular hand soap and avoid unnecessary congestion.