Road Safety Book 'Apna Radda' Presented to Governor Uikey

The general public should follow the traffic rules to reduce road accidents: Ms. Uikey: The Governor was presented a copy of the magazine 'Apna Radda'

Raipur, 17 February 2021

The delegation led by Shri Anand Ram Sahu, President of Press Club Mahasamund, met courtesy of Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uike at Raj Bhavan here today. He presented to the Governor the first copy of 'Apna Radda', a special issue based on Road Safety Month of the magazine published by Media-24 Media. The Governor said that this is a commendable effort. This will create awareness among the general public about traffic rules and will definitely reduce road accidents. She said that when she herself travels by road, she realizes that people do not follow the traffic rules seriously, whereas they themselves will be safe if they follow the traffic rules. Ms. Uyke said that I myself have instructed that when they leave by road, the vehicles involved in their convoys should run at a controlled speed more carefully so that the common people are not disturbed and there is no accident of any kind. The governor appealed to the residents to follow the traffic rules. The delegation invited the Governor to come to Sirpur. On this occasion, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sahu, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Patel, Mr. Devendra Kumar Dhruv, Mr. Ishwar Patel were present.