Rs 26 lakhs to 301 persons for loss of crop and property by elephants: Aravind PM

Uttar Bastar Kanker: Payment of compensation amount of Rs 26 lakhs to 301 persons for loss of crop and property by elephants.

Uttar Bastar Kanker 01 January 2021

Compensation amount of Rs 26 lakh 03 thousand 75 has been paid to 301 persons affected due to crop loss of 288 farmers and loss of property of 13 persons by elephants in Charama and Narharpur enclaves under Kanker forest division.

Elephants lost 23.989 hectares of 105 farmers of Narharpur zone and 62.712 hectares of 183 farmers of Charama enclosure, in return for which farmers were given Rs 25 lakh 41 thousand 975 and 07 people of Narharpur zone and 06 people of Charma zone. 61 thousand one hundred rupees have been paid in lieu of damage to property of persons.

Giving information to this effect, Forest Officer, Arvind P.M. Said that the first arrival of 02 elephants was made in the month of May 2019 under the Kanker forest division, Lulegondi of Kulgaon Beet via village Dudhawa, Kotlabhatti to Saimunda, Ravas, Puswara, Mohapur, Vyas Kongera from Sita river. And wandering in Jeevlamari, on May 25, the former went towards Amabeda area of ​​Bhanupratappur forest division.

During this time, no damage was done to the Kanker forest area by elephants, in the year 2020, passing through the forests of Dhamtari forest area, from 14 June to 21 June, a team of 22-23 elephants led by Chanda Elephant, village Maradev of Narharpur, Badbani , Wandered in the jungles of Murumatra, Marwari, Bagdongri.

After that, on 16 September, a group of elephants were seen again in the area of ​​the enclosure Narharpur border, which wandered in the village Murumatra, Marwari, Devinwagaon area till 22 September and reached the village Halba, Haradula, Tansi and Dokla for 24 days in the Charama enclave border. Wandered.
During this time the crop and property of many farmers were damaged.

Meanwhile, the crops of 15 farmers were damaged by entering the village Thanabodi on 28 September and were produced by a team of elephants in Charama enclosure from 18 November to 21 November.

From November 28 to December 2, the Charama enclosure remained within the boundary and on December 6, the elephant team again reached the Narharpur area and passed through the forests of village Narharpur, Bhajanahalari, Imlipara, Badbani, Marrampani and went towards the village of Palema in the enclave Charama.

Subsequently, from 08 December to 12 December, the subdivision arrived at village Palewa and Bardatola in Lakhanpuri, where they damaged the crops and property of the farmers.

During this period, elephants did not cause any loss of life and animals, only crops and property were damaged by them. As a result, compensation amount has been distributed to the affected persons.