RTO Jaipur Control Room Number 0141-2708318: Stop Ambulance Money Extraction

Say No To Avaidh Vasooli on Corona Deaths Dead Bodies Transportation, Gehlot Sarkar Installs 24x7 RTO Helpline

Dead Body Transport Service Providers Be Aware, Rajasthan Sarkar is On High Alert, Stop Avaidh Vasooli, Illegal Rental for Dead Bodies Strictly Prohibited. Anyone asking illegal money for moving dead body to final destination, Make complaint to following RTO Helpline Number working Round The Clock

Control room set up to prevent illegal recovery of ambulance / dead vehicle rental
- 24-hour control room started on the instructions of Transport Minister
- RTO Jaipur established control room number 0141-2708318

Jaipur, 7 May 2021. If the ambulance / carriage operator collects more than the fare prescribed by the Transport Department, then the general public can complain to the control room's telephone number 0141-2708318. On receipt of the complaint, action will be taken immediately by the Transport Department.

Transport Minister Mr. Pratap Singh Khachariwas informed that 24-hour control room has been set up in the regional transport office Jaipur. On receipt of the complaint here, action will be taken by the departmental aviators against the operator concerned immediately.
Mr. Khachariwas said that the state government is serious about resolving such problems of common people. No victim will be allowed to suffer. He said that on 26 April 2021, the fare of ambulances and carcasses was set the same in the entire state by the Transport Department. It came to the notice that more than the prescribed rent is being charged.

Mr. Khachariwas said that posters related to the fare are being pasted outside all the hospitals. Public should file a complaint at the control room without fear.

Mr. Khachariwas said that the fare has been fixed according to the category of vehicles after the first 10 kilometers. After 10 km, the fare for vehicles such as Maruti Vein, Marshall, Max etc. has been fixed at 12.50 per km, Tavera, Innova, Bolero, Kurjar, Rayno, etc. 14.50 per km and other big ambulances, carcass fares are 17.50 per km. . An additional charge of Rs. 1 per km can be charged if the vehicle has AC facility.

The Transport Minister informed that the total km will be calculated after the ambulance and carcass vehicles are multiplied by 2 times (both in and out) in addition to the first 10 km. For example, if a vehicle travels 50 km (by Maruti ambulance), a total of 50 km – 10 km i.e. 40 km x 2 = total 80 km distance would be considered. The rent payable will be 500 from the first 10 km and the next 40 km assuming a distance of 80 km, the rate will be payable from 12.50 i.e. Rs 1000. The total fare will be 1000 plus 500 = 1500 rupees.

He said that this rate is calculated as Rs 91 per liter of diesel. After this, the rate of increase of diesel per liter will be increased by 20 paise per rupee. At the same time, no extra fare of the night will be payable to the vehicle. Vehicle operators will not be able to charge extra for the washing of the vehicle. It will be binding on the owners of the ambulance vehicle to comply with the decision taken by the hospital administration regarding the necessary medical devices, equipment and facilities in the vehicle.