Dr. David E. McClean, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Rutgers University New Jersey, USA on Global Climate

Without adaptation in our politics and institutions it is unlikely we will avoid the worst that climate change will deliver, which includes the extinction of numerous species. The late Carl Sagan called our planet a "pale blue dot." This pale blue dot is our only home, and to a great extent - the extent to which we can do serious damage - the other species on it and the ecosystems they require for survival are under our care.

A Global Climate Change Authority Needed, Says Rutgers University Senior Lecturer And Climate Activist

The List of Content for Change in BET Network Juneteenth Freedom Day Marathon

BET Celebrates Juneteenth and the Resilience of the African American Spirit With a Curated Compilation of Uplifting Long and Short-form Content Under Its ‘Content for Change’ Initiative
BET will commemorate ‘Juneteenth’ with inspirational films, music videos, and a special interstitial Manifesto campaign featuring messages of hope from top Black talent, thought leaders, and change agents pledging our collective commitment to freedom, liberation, and joy starting Saturday, June 19, at Noon ET/PT

#JuneteenthOnBET #FreedomDayMarathon