Saguni and Dharsiwa Food Poisoning Case: CM Sends Medical Team, Collector Saurabh Kumar Inspects

Chief Minister directed to provide all necessary medical treatment for food poisoning in village Saguni.
The collector took information about the health of the patients after reaching the Dharsiwan Community Health Center along with the medical camp set up in the village.

Medical college team also reached village Saguni and Dharsiwa and examined and treated the patients.

Food and water samples were taken, all patients out of danger

Raipur 14 July 2021 Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has given instructions to the district administration to provide all necessary medical treatment for the health improvement and treatment of food poisoning patients in village Saguni of Tilda block of Raipur district.

In this line, Raipur Collector Saurabh Kumar has ensured arrangements for the treatment of patients in four hospitals. He himself is constantly monitoring and monitoring the entire medical system. The Collector reached the Dharsiwan Community Health Center along with the medical camp set up in village Saguni and also met the patients admitted here and inquired about their health.

Following the notable food poisoning, citizens complained of vomiting, diarrhea and fever. The medical team examined 208 patients in the OPD and 62 patients were admitted to various hospitals for treatment. In the medical camp set up in village Sugni, 22 patients were admitted for treatment. Similarly, 32 patients were admitted in Community Health Center Dharsiwan, 3 patients in Community Health Center Tilda and 8 patients in Primary Health Center Khairkhut. On recovery, four patients of Khairkhoot have been discharged from the hospital. 02 patients in which one is elderly and the other patient has been referred to the higher institution Mekahara due to complaints of severe abdominal pain. The condition of all the patients in these hospitals is improving and all are out of danger. The Chief Medical Officer has told that the situation is completely under surveillance and control. In these hospitals, medical officers and medical staff have been put on duty for the treatment of patients in all three shifts.

Collector Saurabh Kumar has also directed the special team of Medical College Raipur to reach the hospitals and take information about the health of the patients. The medical team under the leadership of Dr S Chandravanshi, MD, Medical College, Raipur, visited the medical camp of village Saguni and Community Health Center in Dharsiwan, inspected the treatment of patients and also treated them.

 Additional teams of doctors and paramedical staff of the medical department have also been deployed in these hospitals. Six doctors as well as medical staff have been deployed in the medical camp of village Saguni. The duty of Mitanino of 11 surrounding villages has also been imposed for their cooperation.

Food and water samples have also been taken in relation to food poisoning. The Collector has also asked the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Tehsildar, Chief Executive Officer of the district and Chief Municipal Officer to continuously monitor the situation. These administrative officers are also continuously monitoring the situation.

The Collector has also appealed to the people of the village that if anyone gets information about his ill health, then he should be immediately brought to the hospital and his health should be taken care of. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Meera Baghel also personally visited these hospitals and inquired about the medical arrangements.

 In the district level rapid response team, along with the medical team, the chief medical and health officer and members of the management unit, epidemiologist from the district surveillance unit and members of the sample collection team from food and drugs for sample collection also served here.

As per the instructions of Collector Raipur, Ors. Arrangements and regular hockey are being implemented in the village through Kotwar.

 Adequate storage of medicines has been done and treatment is being done. 15 beds have been kept separately for dripping in the temporary camp. The 24X7 ambulance has been erected in the village itself. Sanitization and sprinkling of medicines in drains is being done daily in all the houses and localities of the village.

Along with this, survey of every house is being done by all the field workers and Mitanino and allied persons of Panchayat. Along with which chlorination and O. R S. Instructing the preparation of solutions of O.R.S. Packets are being distributed.