Sancler Frantz is NAMED Miss Supranational Brazil 2023: Watch LIVE

Giovanna Reis Miss Supranational Brazil 2022 has crowned today Just Named Sancler Frantz Miss Supranational Brazil 2023

Thu, Feb 2, 2023: Newly Appointed Actress, Digital creator and communicator Dra. Sancler Frantz will represent her nation Brazil in the upcoming 14TH Miss Supranational 2023 where at the end of Grand Finale, South Africa's Lalela Mswane Miss Supranational 2022 will crown her successor as New Miss Supranational 2023. Sancler is Former TV Host at TV Pampa. She is Biomedical Esthete and Nutritionist. Her Facebook Page is also good place to check her updates. The reason for her nomination and official appointment is revealed in Official Social Media Commminication given below.

Sancler Frantz has commented on her nomination cum appointment and crowning "Just Gratitude ! he greatest pride I can feel is to be called BRAZIL!!!! Let's go together in search of this achievement for our country! We have a lot of work ahead of us, and I'm counting on you, team!" Check the visuals below.

Sancler Frantz @sanclerfrantz, 31 years old and born in Arroio do Tigre, RS, was acclaimed Miss Supranational Brasil 2023 in an event filmed at Palácio Piratini, in Porto Alegre. She becomes the first Miss Brazil crowned at the seat of the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

Sancler is known for "Miss World". In 2013 she was elected Miss Brazil World and was one of the favorites for the title of @missworld in Bali. Made it to the Top 5 and was elected Miss World America. In 2009, the gaucha was the princess of Garota Summer, popular contest held by @rbstv (@tvglobo no RS).

Frantz has also worked as a TV presenter in sports and entertainment programs, at Porto Alegre's @tv_pampa In 2012, she was a finalist in a reality model presented by Ana Hickman at @recordtvoficial

Sancler has an impressive academic curriculum: he is biomedical esthetician, nutritionist, postgraduate in health and aesthetic, postgraduate in aesthetic nutrition and women's health, and in natural and functional gastronomy. She's a health coach, in addition to being trained in marketing and has the DRT of actress. She is also the founder of the "For Angels" project. Speak English.

The invitation to be Miss Supranational Brazil 2023 came after it was determined that the national pageant will take place in August, that is, after the international. The elected in August will participate in the @misssupranational 2024. Sancler was picked from 12 pre-selected candidates.

“It’s wonderful to receive this assignment from my CNB family and be back at contests. I'll do my best to conquer this unreleased title for Brazil, I guarantee.

The ceremony was presented by @hffontes . Frantz received the crown, a creation of @giovanna_reisz from the hands of @tiago_s_seixas his predecessor. The ceremony was aired by Miss Supranational's YouTube channel. The production was by @_andresimas_ and the capturing and editing of images, by @marcelosoes . @marcoaureliohauschild and @helciocouture were responsible for the production of hair and makeup, while @fagundes_di and cabelo dressed Sancler and Giovanna.
Special thanks to Mateus Gomes and Fernanda Braga (Piratini Palace)

Welcome back, Miss Brazil

Fotos: @pedrocolombelli94

Sancler Frantz Crowning Moment

Sat, Jan 28, 2023: Who will be Miss Supranational Brazil 2023 and the successor of @TAG? Watch the crowning video premiere on Miss Supranational @misssupranational channel on YouTube. The broadcast will be worldwide.

It's February 2nd, 2023 at 20:00 Brasilia, 11:00 GMT.
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