SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS Students & Intern Doctors are God Sent Herbs

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SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS students as well as intern doctors who serve the patient daily by riding in Sanjeevani Chariot
6 students of SMIMER Medical College played an important role in healing the patients by joining Sanjeeni's Rath Seva.
The joy and satisfaction of participating in the divine work to the warriors of the young Koro

Surat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, Wednesday, June 09, 2021: The health department of Surat Municipal Corporation worked day and night to keep the citizens coronal free, as a result of which the transition rate has come down drastically and the recovery rate has come down. 6 students of Palika-run SMIMER Medical College and Hospital played an important role in healing the patients by joining Sanjeevani Rath Seva. In which 4 students served in the highest Rander zone. While students as well as intern doctors have visited the homes of the patients in all the zones including 3 in the 7th zone, 6 in the central zone and 6 in the longitudinal zone.
                 Surat Municipal Corporation has made active efforts to curb the spread of corona in urban areas, an excellent example of which is Sanjeevani Rath Seva. Patients with mild to moderate symptoms of covid However, if need be, they can also get the advice of a senior doctor. All these services are provided in the patient's home through Sanjeevani Rath Rath Seva. Sanjeevani Rath facility allows patients to receive quality treatment at home under the supervision of a specialist doctor, and the patient can be referred to a hospital for further treatment if he or she feels the need to identify serious symptoms early on. Thus, the patient gets excellent treatment at home, and at the same time the burden on the hospital is reduced. That is why Sanjeevani Rath chariot really works like Sanjeevani Rath herb. This unique facility has saved the lives of many patients. Not only are the patients happy with this, but at the same time the MBBS students as well as the intern doctors who ride in Sanjeevani Rath chariot and go out to serve the patient every day had a pleasant experience. Enjoyed being a participant. Their experiences are like handling from their mouths:

* When the elderly couple said "'You made us healthy, you also take care of your health.' ': Hemlata Shirvi (Final Year Medical Student, SMIMER Medical College and Hospital) *

'I used to go to the house of an elderly couple who were Covid positive for treatment every day. When the couple's oxygen level returned to normal and they recovered, they told me during a visit on the last day of treatment, 'Son, you are doing a very good job. Thank you to your parents for not hesitating to send you on a risky home-based treatment. You have made us healthy, you also take care of your health. We will necessarily pray to the God of your longevity. Hearing this brought tears to my eyes. This attitude of the elders motivates us to work harder.

* An elderly grandmother, despite being coronary, was worried about me being her daughter: Yashvi Contractor (Final Year Medical Student, SMIMER) *

My duty was in Sanjeevani Rath chariot in Mahidharpura area. I used to go for a checkup of a 4 year old Coronado Banu regularly at 10 am every day. Ba always spoke proportionately. One day I arrived late, and it was twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Banu did a complete checkup and then Ba said as if I was his daughter, 'How long have I been waiting for you, it's twelve o'clock, nothing has happened on the way? You don't have any problems, do you? ' An elderly grandmother was worried about me as if I were her daughter, even though she was elderly.
* Even though I had a fracture in my leg, I used to do Sanjeevani Rath chariot duty regularly: Avi Patel (Final Year Medical Student, SMIMER Medical College and Hospital) *

I had a fracture in my leg, but soon after taking first aid, Sanjeevani Rath chariot duty was performed regularly. Meanwhile, a patient from Gopipura was discouraged when his corona report came back positive. He was very scared of Corona, but I gave him courage and comfort, told him about the disease and its treatment from the area, and also told him that there was no way to recover. With medicine and checkups. Then the patient's spirits soared and he was happy. When he was freed from the corona, he blessed him greatly and said, 'Sanjeevani Rath chariot and his doctor are really like Kharekhara herbs.'

Surat Municipal Corporation run SMIMER Medical College and Hospital is an ideal example of serving the humanity while studying.