Shaylyn Ford is Crowned MRS. WORLD 2022

2021 Mrs, World Kate Schneider Crowned Shaylyn Ford Mrs. American 2021 as NEW Mrs. World 2022
UAE has Its DEBUT in Mrs. World 2022 Competition

Sun, Jan 23, 2022, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States: Mrs. American, Shaylyn Ford, 37, from Granville, Ohio, was crowned the Mrs. World at the annual Mrs. World pageant held on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two-hour event, held at the International Theatre, where Elvis Presley once played, featured 41 delegates from across the world, vying to win the coveted title of Mrs. World. Each delegate competed in three areas of competition, including interview, swimsuit, and evening gown. This is the 36th year of the Mrs. World pageant, the sister pageant to Mrs. America, owned by David & Elaine Marmel. Celebrating this occasion via livestream and in the theatre of family and friends, were many former Mrs. World's, including the very first Mrs. World from 1984, Hon. Mrs. Rosy Senanayake, from Sri Lanka. Shaylyn's husband, Greg Ford, their daughter and Shaylyn's father Mark were also in attendance watching history being made. The winner of Mrs. World receives a custom crystal gown, crystal bottom heels, a photoshoot at an exclusive location, all sponsored by Camille Flawless. Mrs. World also receives exquisite fine jewelry by Shulamit Wilder, clothing by Manish Viad, TOMO glam, fur shawls and much more. 

Shaylyn Ford was crowned Mrs. American on November 19, 2021 at the International theatre at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The feeling of being the second ever Mrs. American is truly an honor and to have the opportunity to become the next Mrs. World would be a dream come true. Shaylyn was a previous Mrs. Ohio America title holder, and this made her only eligible to compete on a state level for the American title. Competing again many years later for a second chance at a national title, Shaylyn knew her dreams were within reach. Becoming the second Mrs. American in history and now the first Mrs. American to win the Mrs. World title, Shaylyn's dream and that of the late David Marmels' vision of creating Mrs. American, have become full circle showing the world that second chances matter. 

Shaylyn is a professional makeup artist who has worked in every setting from movie stars to Make-A-Wish projects. Her love for helping others feel beautiful and valued extends to every part of her life. She also serves as a charitable director and volunteers with the Tim Tebow foundation to bring services and events to special needs families. As a mother of three and "autism mama" of two, she understands the critical need of these families firsthand. Along with her personal platform to help raise awareness for resources and services to families, caretakers, siblings of those with special needs, Shaylyn will also be helping to promote Beauty for Good and bring awareness to the opioid epidemic, mental health crisis and how we can help to combat this global epidemic for all generations. For more information about Beauty for good, contact Rachel at  

The Mrs. World organization is very proud to have Shaylyn Ford as the next Mrs. World. Please follow her journey as Mrs. World on Facebook @MrsWorldPageant and on Instagram @MrsWorldPageant . For scheduling appearances, please email and  

Today's weekend night is just concluding its journey making ways for Monday and Mrs. World 2022 shares "Hi! I’m Shaylyn Ford, and I’m beyond honored to be your new Mrs World. I still can’t believe I’m even saying that!! I’m only one week into this new job, so please allow me to introduce myself."

Read The Complete Post: A few things about me:
- I’ve been married almost 18 years to my husband Greg.
- I’m a mom to three kids; a teenage daughter who will undoubtedly someday be president (she’s been saying that since she was 5!) and two wonderful sons. Both my boys have autism, and being a special needs family has been a beautiful, tough experience that has shaped our family for the better. 
- I play bass guitar and was the only girl in a local rock band in high school
- I love freediving (that means no cage!) with sharks 
and I’m hoping to knock a few dream dives off my bucket list this year. I WILL freedive with whale sharks, I will NOT freedive with Great Whites 😆 Bring on the cage, baby.

- When I was a kid, I competed in a pageant and got LAST PLACE in interview. When I won Mrs Ohio American this past summer, I won Best in Interview. Personal development takes time but it’s always worth it.
- I love David Bowie, podcasts, history, everything about the enneagram, natural science and watching football with my guy. 
I’m an open book and I can’t wait to share this year with you. Tell me about YOU in the comments!! You can also ask me anything you want or tell me what inside scoop you’re interested in during my year of service. 
One week down, a year to go! Let’s do this!! 


Sat, Jan 15, 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: In LIVE Event Mrs. World Organization has announced The New Reigning Queen Shaylyn Ford and the court including Jaclyn Stapp Mrs. World Jordan 1st Runner-up, Mrs UAE World Debanjali Kamstra, Mrs. World United Arab Emirates 2nd Runner-up,

Trying to catch my breath from the most eventful 24 hours of my life: Shaylyn Ford MRS. WORLD 2022

You know what has made it amazing? PEOPLE. Beautiful people. Like Jaclyn Stapp @jaclynstapp , who is one of the purest hearts I’ve ever met, and I had the privilege of standing with in the final two.

My husband who has been the sunshine to my seeds when I said I wanted to pursue this dream.

My daughter, who has jumped in and played hairstylist for a photoshoot and just been an all around great sport. My dad, who drove that dang phone booth across the country from Ohio to Nevada TWICE.

People like Leslie Smith Mrs Nevada American 2021 @drleslieanne who brought me necessities and snacks to save my life:) Mrs. Hawai'i 2015 Caroline Absalom @itsfrolic and other friends who sent gowns with me last second. Vie Sauvage Couture @viesauvagecouture, American Handmade Ready to Wear Fashion, who made me a dream dress in what felt like minutes!

Mrs. America Jackie Blankenship for being the best sash sister a girl could ask for!! All of you who have sent me the kindest words and cheered me on.

THIS is the win. YOU are the gift.
Thank you to everyone who has taken this journey with me so far. Let’s turn the page together and see what’s next as we take on the role of a lifetime!!

The American National Crowning of Shaylyn Ford
Shaylyn Ford Mrs. Ohio American, is 37, native of Granville, Ohio.
Shaylyn Ford is crowned Mrs. American 2022 on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.
Mrs. American Competition 2022 was organized at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LIVE Recording Stream Available @ Digital Download To Watch MRS. OHIO AMERICA PAGEANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD includes Mrs. Ohio America, Mrs. Ohio American and Miss Ohio for America!


Top 15 Mrs. World 2022 List


It’s Prelim day Mrs. World Pageant @mrsworldpageant, Time to show the WORLD what the Midwest is made of! Mrs America 2022 Jackie Green @thejackiegreen and @shaylynsford Shaylyn Ford, 3x Mom of future POTUS + 2 “AU-some” boys, who now have 3 Title Mrs. World, Mrs. American 2022 and Mrs. Ohio American
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Mrs. World 2022 Contestants List

Shaylyn Ford Mrs. American, 37, from Granville, Ohio

Jaclyn Stapp Mrs. World Jordan

Debanjali Kamstra Mrs. World United Arab Emirates aka Mrs UAE World 

Alice Rowlands Musukwa Mrs Zambia 2021, Miss Universe 2010

Mrs. World 2022 Pageant Events Competition Event Details

Venue: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, located at 3000 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109
Schedule: Fri, Jan 14, 2022, 2:00 PM and Sat, Jan 15, 2022, 5:00 PM MST
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People’s Choice VOTE: @ Paypal, Links at, Last Date Mon, Jan 10, 2022
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Reigning Queen & Crowning By: 2021 Mrs, World Kate Schneider
Total Contestants: 58 married beauty queens