Shocking, Minister Dr. Dahariya picked up the pistol and opened fire, Know here Where & Why?

In front of senior police officers, the minister lifted the pistol and fired several rounds. Seeing the pistol in the hands of the minister with one eye closed and aiming at him, officers of higher rank including IG, SP were shocked. All were looking at the minister with a single glance without blinking. Eventually the Minister pressed the trigger of the pistol and the bullet started coming in front. The minister was happy to put his target in the right place.

Raipur 19 March 2021: Actually, the whole matter is related to the state's Urban Administration and Development and Labor Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahariya. The police department has a state training institute at Village Chandkhuri under its assembly constituency Arang. The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose State Police Academy has special training of police officers. Addressing the Deputy Superintendent of Police here, Minister Dr. Dahria, who arrived to inaugurate the construction works and perform Bhoomi Pujan, spoke of his inspiring address to the trainee DSP to remain devoted to service and work towards justice. Police officers observed some training related to police training activities in Chandkuri to the ministers. Ministers were also informed about the firing activities related to the important part of the training. During this, the practice of firing range was first targeted by the police officers. A process like virtual in a room, but the process of making the target of the police in training infallible, was understood by the Minister Dr. Dahria. He took aim at the firing range target during the demo from different pistols with training. After the direct observation and practice of this training of operating pistol without any noise within a room with modern technology, Minister Dr. Dahria appreciated the officers of Police Academy.

For arranging basic facilities of Police Academy, Director GP Singh praised Minister Dr. Daharia and said that he is also an MLA of this area and always gets his support. If they continue to get their support in the same way, then many of the problems here will be overcome. During this, Minister Dr. Dahria also said that Chandkuri is a historical place.

Tourism is being expanded along the Ramavanagaman Path by the state government. It is a matter of great pride for him to have a Police Academy in this constituency. Earlier, police training was done in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh. He spoke of removing all the necessary demands here. During this, Minister Dr. Daharia along with Home Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu inaugurated and performed Bhoomi Pujan of over 1 crore 20 lakh works here.

Police Academy Director IPS GP Singh, Deputy Director Sanjeev Shukla, Superintendent of Police Vijay Aggarwal and senior police officers were also present on the occasion.