Sienna Evans The Strong Show by Powerful Queen in Interview Questions, Shines in Head to Head Challenge

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Sienna Evans gives a strong performance in the Head to Head Challenge

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Nassau, Bahamas, November 26, 2021: Intelligence, charm, and substance were all on display as Miss Bahamas World Sienna Evans held her own in the Miss World Head to Head interview competition. The Head to Head challenge is an important part of the Miss World competition because it is the first chance each contestant gets to have their voices heard by viewers tuning in from all across the globe. This challenge also gives preparation for the Final Night if or when the contestants have to answer their final question. The winner of the Head to Head Challenge is also a vital part to the Miss World Competition as the winner gets a guaranteed spot in the Miss World Final. This is where the viewers have a huge impact, as they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite contestant via the Mobstar App.


The contestants were randomly selected to form 16 groups of 6 contestants. Sienna was among those called in group one. Joining her were delegates from Peru, Nepal, USA, Malaysia and Portugal. Each contestant was asked a question stemming from their introductory video by hosts reigning Mr. World Jack Heslewood and Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce. Sienna spoke passionately about her decision to pursue a degree in Neuroscience and Human Behavior – a decision she made after her father suffered a debilitating aneurism which left him in a coma for two months. At the time, Sienna was studying Biology in University, but decided to switch majors to better understand what her father was experiencing and to provide help for him and others suffering the same fate. She co-founded the National Brain Injury Foundation of The Bahamas, and aspires to be a neurosurgeon one day.

For the second round of the Head to Head interview, Sienna’s questions was what would she change about the world and why. Her response was well thought out and brilliantly expressed:

“If I could change one thing about the world, I would make it a kinder place. Human beings are incredibly social creatures, and we thrive off of positive interactions with each other. When you are kind, you allow for yourself and those around you to truly experience the joy and abundance that life has to offer. And with that being said, I implore everyone watching right now to commit one simple act of kindness today. You never know what impact it will make.”
- Sienna Evans, Miss Bahamas World 2021

Sienna has done her part, but now she needs your support to help her advance to the next round. The winner of Round 1 of the Head to Head challenge is determined strictly by public votes. And although she is up against countries with millions of pageant fans, she stands a chance at advancing as algorithms will be used to determine the true winner. 

“Sienna did us proud in the Head to Head challenge. Pageant fans the world over are saying how amazing she was, and while she has won many new fans from her performance, we need the folks here at home to rally behind her and push her to the next level. We Bahamians are very good at making things go ‘viral’. Let’s get the word out to vote for Sienna; it’s free, it’s easy, and it can help her get one step closer to the crown.”
- Michelle Malcolm, President, Miss Bahamas Organization

To vote for Sienna, download the Mobstar App for free, search for Sienna Evans, follow her, and visit her profile daily to like all her content by swiping right. You can also visit and vote for her on her contestants page.

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