Aleyna Şirin is CROWNED Miss Universe Turkey 2022

Thu, Jan 5, 2023:Aleyna Şirin Miss Universe Turkey 2022 reached Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington, USA.

Thu, Jan 5, 2023: Check Aleyna Şirin DEPATURE LOOK, She DEPARTS to New Orleans today from Istanbul Airport Türkiye to compete at 71ST Miss Universe 2022 on Sat, Jan 14th, 2023.

Nursena Say crowns Nursena Say Miss World Turkey 2022

2021 Miss World Tuerkey Dilara Korkmaz has just crowned her successor, the winner against 19 Contestants, Nursena Say Miss World Turkey 2022 today at the end of Grand Finale on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 commencing from 8:30 PM LIVE @ Youtube which watched FREE Globally from event venue Lazzoni Hotel.




Watch Farmasi Miss Turkey 2021 LIVE Canlı Yayın from Fişekhane

Miss Turkey 2021 LIVE Online Results: Now Newly Crowned Su Bige Korucu Miss Farmasi Turkey 2021, Sira Sahilli Miss Turkey Supranational 2021, Cemrenaz Turhan Miss Universe Turkey 2021 an Dilara Korkmaz Crowned Miss Turkey World 2021 Parading For Audience lastly landing at main arch shaped dais, claps, camera click, congrats and LIVE Canlı Yayın from Fişekhane ends!!! Congratulations!!!

Crowning and Sash Moment with Final FARMASi Miss Turkey 2021 Results LIVE As It Happened: