Speakers from seven countries share insights on semiconductors, net zero emissions, sports tech, opening up important opportunities for international cooperation: FutureTech 2022

[2022 FutureTech] Key themes discussed at major international forums: technology leaders from the United States, Israel, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, Iceland, and Hungary share their views with Taiwan

2022 FutureTech features innovations in three key scientific research fields where Taiwan excels

TAIPEI, Oct.  21, 2022 /PRNewswire/-- Although home to many leading OEMs for decades, Taiwan still has a long way to go in terms of creating a community of startups driven by innovation and entrepreneurship. The challenges faced by industry stalwarts alongside the significant attention and strong support being provided by the government and research institutes to new firms has led to the emergence and accelerated development of a robust startup ecosystem on the island.

In addition to actively supporting technical teams in Taiwan that are seeking to establish a presence outside of the home market, 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) FutureTech recognized innovative teams from around the world through the TIE Awards. The winning teams came to Taipei where they showcased their technologies. Those with high commercial application potential for semiconductors will be able to meet with likeminded Taiwanese counterparts and engage in technical exchanges.


Besides the TIE Awards, six forums exploring key international trends and technology releases drew the attention of visitors.

With a focus on semiconductors, net zero emissions and sports tech, the forum invited nine speakers from seven countries, including Qualcomm engineering SVP Michael Campbell, Chain Reaction (Israel) co-founder and CEO Alon Webman, US SiFive SVP of Business Development, Customer Experience (CX), Corporate Marketing Jack Kang, Energy Vault Solutions (Switzerland) president John Jung, Yarra Energy Foundation (Australia) CEO Dean Kline, Carbfix (Iceland) CEO Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir, 4DREPLAY (South Korea sports technology startup) CEO and founder Hongsu Jong, Hungarian Export Promotion Agency deputy (HEPA) deputy CEO Gábor Jenei, and Sport Tech (Hungary) project manager Tímea Horváth. Based on the domestic development trends and technical experience of the many countries represented at the forums, attendees expect to engage in in-depth exchanges with industry experts and research specialists in Taiwan.

The opening feature forum this year explored the competitiveness of the semiconductor sector in the coming decade. Mobile chips leader Qualcomm elaborated on what the future looks like for semiconductor development during his talk entitled "Intelligent development leads to unlimited opportunities in the semiconductor sector".

The Chain Reaction co-founder and CEO Alon Webman discussed the integration of top processes and encryption technologies as a lead into an introduction on the latest developments in the global semiconductor sector, with a focus on emerging chip design, next-generation semiconductor materials and other technologies.

At the Technology Supports 2050 Net Zero Transformation forum, Switzerland Energy Vault Solutions' John Jung spoke about "jumping off the high-tech framework, to subvert traditional energy storage", with his introduction to energy storage technology integrating sustainability and infrastructure. Australia YEF's Dean Kline addressed the topic of the "key to stabilizing green electricity in the community: efficient energy storage technology", while Iceland Carbfix CEO Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir shared their successful carbon reduction technology: a carbon dioxide stone smelting factory. At the New Technologies Catalyzes The New Look of the Sports Tech Industry forum, 4DREPLAY founder and CEO Hongsu Jung took the Tokyo Olympic Games' futuristic broadcasting technology as an example of how AI technology can reshape the sports spectator experience.

In addition to the forward-looking technology showcases, international trend forums and TIE Award Unveil and media conference, 2022 FutureTech set up two experience zones, Precision Health and Sports Technology, where they created interactive scenarios through which visitors can experience what the future augurs in terms of day-to-day life alongside applications developed by leveraging the new technologies.

Fitness buffs experienced the intelligent training mirror that combines image recognition and motion sensing interaction, so that they could accurately correct their movements in real time and assure themselves of a more effective fitness routine. Visitors also donned the AI-enabled smart glasses to control the prosthetic arm, and then switched over to the mixed reality (MR) glasses to see the blood vessels on the liver prosthesis as well as patient CT image files. The 15 practical applications on display show the latest achievements of Taiwan's intelligent medical care and sports tech software developers. It's a genuine peak into what the world of the future will look like.

2022 FutureTech has not only expanded the scale of the on-site exhibition, but also launched a synchronous online exhibition by leveraging an Online-merge-offline (OMO) approach, giving online visitors worldwide an opportunity to witness Taiwan's scientific research achievements. After the conclusion of the on-site exhibition, the follow-up team will, combined with the online exhibition material information, continue to track the media matchmaking work and offer 24/7 viewing and matchmaking services to interested parties for one year.