Special Report on Compassionate Appointment to Pandemic Victims' Family Members

Remaining article: When the rules of compassion were relaxed: The troubles of helpless families were overcome: by Kamaljyoti - Assistant Public Relations Officer

Raipur, 22 June 2021 / Whether it is Madhu or Yogita, Nandita, or Omprakash, Shivani, Samiksha, Meera Matlam... some lost their father and some lost their husband.. Corona epidemic destroyed the homes of these families . The death of the members of the same family, tied in the threads of precious relationships, inflicted such a deep wound on all of them that even today, remembering him, the families of the victims shudder. Those people who were the head of the household, were in government jobs and who had the responsibility of the whole family, their sudden death was nothing less than a shock to the family. On one hand, everyone was sad about the sudden death of the earning member of the household, and on the other hand, the years-old complication regarding compassionate appointment. The families in all-round trouble because of the 10 per cent limit in compassionate appointments had nothing but tears to shed. In such a situation, the sensitive initiative of the Chief Minister of the state, Shri Bhupesh Baghel, by relaxing the provisions of compassionate appointment by 31 May 2022, the quick decision to give compassion to the dependent and eligible members of the victim's family in the government department has helped in re-grooming the families that have been destroyed in the wave of Corona. did the job. Getting a compassionate government job has created hope in the hearts of compassionate recipients to fulfill the dreams of their deceased father, husband or mother. When the Chief Minister had a dialogue with some such compassionate people, everyone expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for relaxing the rules in compassionate appointment, the same Chief Minister also became emotional after hearing everyone's ordeal.

      The Compassionate Smt. Madhu Belchandan is now feeling relieved. The initiative and decision of the Chhattisgarh government has not only given her a job in the form of compassion, but has also given her the support, confidence and prospects of a golden future for the coming tomorrow, which she would have given her husband while she was alive. Used to look for children and old mother-in-law. After the sudden death of her husband, who was working as a teacher in Amdi's school in Dhamtari district, Mrs. Madhu Belachdan got a job in the post of assistant grade three as a compassionate person, so she had a desire to fulfill her husband's dreams. There was resolution. She says that the Chief Minister has given a big relief by relaxing the rule of compassionate appointment. Now she will fulfill the dreams of her family with a new responsibility.
     Yogita Jaiswal of Surguja district was completely dependent on her mother. Yogita's mother, who took care of the family by taking a job as a servant, passed away, a few days later her brother also died. Two deaths in the family shook Yogita. She told that she was broken inside. Dad had left home long ago. In such a situation, being alone, she was facing a lot of difficulties in running the house. After the death of her mother, she also went to the office for compassion, but the provision of 10 percent limit was becoming a hindrance in her job. She told that her troubles had increased during the Corona period, in such a situation, there was a limit of 10 percent in compassionate appointment by the government. Removing the bondage also made the way for his job easier. Yogita said that due to the appointment on the post of Assistant Grade 3 in the Municipal Corporation, his troubles have reduced.
    Nandita of Bemetara district had never imagined that she would get such a compassionate appointment in the midst of many pending cases. He told that his father Shri Satish Prabhakar was posted as a clerk in Joglekar School. He died of Corona on 10 April 2021. With the sudden death of the father, new challenges emerged in running the family. He told that in view of the financial crisis that came to run the family, he had to do the work of teaching tuition, but it was not enough to run the house. Meanwhile, after the government fixed new rules for compassionate appointment, he was appointed in Assistant Grade III on May 31. Nandita told that the incompleteness of the father will never end in the family, but showing its sensitivity, the Chhattisgarh government has discharged its responsibility as a father by giving compassionate appointment in the hour of grief.

       After the relaxation of the rules in compassionate appointment, the government servants who lost their lives during the Corona period are not the only ones who have benefited from it. Rather, there are also those employees, who died many years ago, but due to limitation in compassionate appointment, dependent family members were not being appointed. Similarly, Ms. Shivani Chauhan of Kanker district was trying for compassionate appointment for two years. After the death of her father in the year 2014, she used to weave the golden future of the family with her mother, who was working, but when her mother died two years ago, the whole dream was shattered. With no vacancy in the department, the limit of 10 percent appointment in compassionate appointment was being harassed financially and mentally. When this limit was finally removed during the Corona period, Shivani's golden dream once again came on the verge of being realized. She told that now by getting compassionate appointment, she will be able to forge a golden future for her brother and sister. They will not have to face financial crisis.

Compassionate appointments have been made for hundreds of eligible applicants including Shri Omprakash Sahu of Balodabazar district, Meera Matlam of Narayanpur, Samiksha of Dhamtari district, Kumari Angel Singh of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. Everyone has lost such family members who died due to corona and other diseases while in government jobs. The initiative of the government not only removed the troubles of all these people, but also gave a sense of belonging to the people living in the gloomy environment by losing their loved ones. Now even though the figures of Corona have come down and the atmosphere of fear has also ended, the Government of Chhattisgarh is continuing the phase of compassionate appointments by instilling confidence in everyone.

    It is worth mentioning that in the cabinet meeting held on 18th May under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, it was decided to give relaxation in the limitation of posts for compassionate appointment. With a view to clearing the pending cases of compassionate appointment, the state government has relaxed the limit of ten percent posts provided earlier till May 31, 2022.