12 Contestants Vying for Miss World Greece 2022 at Star Hellas, Miss Hellas and Miss Young 2022 Crowns, Enjoy Grand Finale on Sun, Nov 20th at TEATRO ATHENS

Result WINNERS: Samantha Misovic Star Hellas 2022 / Miss World Greece 2022
Ioanna Skoula Miss Young 2022
Zoi Asumanaki Miss Hellas 2022

Zeta Markogiannak Miss Cinema

Who will emerge as the most beautiful Greek woman as Miss World Greece 2022 / Star Hellas 2022? The Star Hellas, Miss Hellas and Miss Young 2022 as successors of Reigning Queens of 2021 Anna Pavlidou Star Hellas / Σταρ Ελλάς, Pasalari Caterina Miss Hellas / Μις Ελλάς, Anna Ratuli B Star Hellas / Β' Σταρ Ελλάς and Matina Krepouri B Miss Hellas / Β' Μις Ελλάς will be revealed at the end of Final Coronation Night today on Sun, Nov 20th, 2022 at Teatro Athens, Adult entertainment club in Kallithea, Greece.

Anna Pavlidou Star Hellas 2021 is Miss International Greece 2022 and Miss World Greece 2021. who was crowned on Wed, Nov 3, 2021 Grand Finale hosted by Velikova in at Fantasia Live along with Katerina Pasalari Miss Greece 2021, Angeliki Zountsa Miss Young 2021, Rutula ´Anna Ana/ki Star Hellas, Matina Krepouri Miss Hellas and Polydora Ioanna Miss Young.

Teatro Athens is located at Address: Leof. Poseidonos 28, Kallithea 176 74, Greece, Contact Phone: +30 21 0940 0726

Stamatina Tsimtsili is going to be the presenter of the grand final. The night of the final of the national beauty pageants will take place at the Teatro Athens, while according to information from Hello.gr, the jury will be made up of celebrities from the country.

Candidates are selected for Grand Finale Round on the basis of swimsuit appearance and interview in The Preliminary Round was held in Fantasia Live, The Live music venue in Elliniko, Greece on Sun, Oct 9, 2022.

Fantasia Live is located at Address: Λ. Ποσειδώνος 5, Elliniko 166 77, Greece and Contact Phone is: +30 21 0894 0302

The matchup is expected to be tough, as the beauty will be the star of the competition's social media every day, where you will be able to support your favorite finalist.

Check 12 Contestants Vying for Star Hellas, Miss Hellas and Miss Young 2022 Crowns

  1. Gente Fotini, originally from Athens and Germany, 17 years old and height 1.81M - Γκέντε Φωτεινή
  2. Kalotychou Konstantina, originally from Athens, 17 years old and height 1.81M - Καλοτύχου Κωνσταντίνα
  3. Ioanna Skoula, from Heraklion, Crete, 17 years old and 1.78 M tall - Ιωάννα Σκουλά
  5. Drougani Polyxeni 24 years old from Athens, a graduate pharmacist - Δρουγγάνη Πολυξένη
  6. Georgia Keramida,19 years old, 1.78M tall, originally from Nafplio - Γεωργία Κεραμίδα


Judges & Jury Panel

Lakis Gavalas fashion entrepreneur
Ioanna Souliotisthe Top model of the 90s
Katerina Stikoudis Miss Hellas 2015
Sasa Stamatis the journalist
Giorgos Mestousis the excellent photographer
Anna Pavlidou Star Hellas 2021
Galena Velikova impressive choreographer and international dance judge, who will also take over the stage presence of the Finalists on the night of the final
Panos Zenas Chairman of the committee

The Preliminary Star Hellas – Miss Hellas – Miss Young 2022 Concludes Successfully, Read The Report

Sun, Oct 9, 2022: The 1st Qualifier of the Greek Beauty Pageants took place on the Athenian Riviera in order to select the finalists of the 70th Star Hellas Miss Hellas Miss Young 2022 beauty pageant.

The Fantasia Live space was filled with young girls who enthusiastically responded to the call of beauty made by our competition again this year. They came from all over Greece, accompanied by parents and friends, to meet their future and dreams.

The CEO of the beauty pageants, Panos Zenas, with the help of the jury, welcomed and talked to each of them separately. Candidates were judged on their swimsuit appearance and interview. Because beauty alone is not enough, special attention was paid to the candidates' ability to communicate and their personality dynamics. They referred to their goals which concern not only the personal but also the collective benefit. The purpose of pageants is to create the next generation of candidates in an environment that encourages and empowers the young woman.

The 7-member jury consisted of representatives of fashion and entertainment such as the beloved fashion entrepreneur Lakis Gavalas, the famous model of the 90's Ioanna Souliotis, Miss Greece 2015 and the multi-talented Katerina Stikoudis who will also be seen on the back stage of this year's J2US , the journalist Sasa Stamati, the excellent photographer Giorgos Mestousis, Star Hellas 2021 Anna Pavlidou and of course the impressive choreographer and international dance judge Galena Velikova who will also take over the stage presence of the Finalists on the night of the final. Chairman of the committee as always is Panos Zenas. The finalists, after a series of preparations that will follow, will give their best in the grand finale of the competition that will take place on November 20 at Teatro Athens.

 The presentation of the evening has been undertaken by the beloved protagonist of the morning zone of Alpha TV Stamatina Tsimtsili.

Images: Official Website and Social Media