Story of Goat Herder Tarasgaon's Mrs. Bisain, Change in life with the construction of MGNREGA scheme goat shed

Raipur: Story of Mrs. Bisain of Tarasgaon, Change in life with the construction of MGNREGA scheme goat shed

Raipur, 08 December 2020

The construction of goat shed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme has changed the life of goat herder Mrs Bisain.
Goat Palak Smt Bisain is a resident of Tarasgaon Gram Panchayat under Charama, District Panchayat of Kanker District. Those who goat reared for their family's livelihood, but due to poverty and low income, they did not have a permanent home for the maintenance of goats.

Mrs. Bisain of Tarasgaon was always troubled by the dripping of water in the rain and diseases caused to the goats on cold days, while the untimely death of the goats also increased her anxiety. Due to the raw habitat they fear falling raw habitat in the rain and protecting goats from wild animals at night was always there.

Due to the construction of goat shed, Mrs. Bisain of Tarasgaon is now living her family and her life.
Bisin got information about the construction of goat shed, cow shed, poultry shed in the Gram Panchayat Tarasgaon by promoting the MNREGA scheme.

SHe applied for the construction of goat shed which was approved. Goat shed construction work of beneficiary was completed by Panchayat under MNREGA scheme, in which the beneficiary got the work of wages in goat set construction work.

Due to the construction of goat shed, the goats of Mrs. Bisain of Tarasgaon are now safe from wild animals and protected from diseases.

SHe needed a similar scheme under the MNREGA scheme, which led to the realization of Mrs. Bisain of Tarasgaon.