Surat's N.J. Group charitable trust donates Microdebrider machine to new civil hospital

Thhe Microdebrider machine is very helpful in the surgery of patients with Mucormycosis / Black Fungus

Surat, Wednesday, June 9, 2021: N.J. to help patients with mucosal mycosis. A medical device called Micro-Debrider worth Rs 5 lakh has been donated to a new civil hospital by a group of company charitable trusts. Surgery performed by this machine is also very helpful in helping the patients of Mucor to recover.

SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS Students & Intern Doctors are God Sent Herbs

COVID-19 Helpline No - 63599 80201 | Tele-Medicine No - 97243 46042

SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS students as well as intern doctors who serve the patient daily by riding in Sanjeevani Chariot
6 students of SMIMER Medical College played an important role in healing the patients by joining Sanjeeni's Rath Seva.
The joy and satisfaction of participating in the divine work to the warriors of the young Koro

Forbidden Angel Krupa Abhinav Mishra Story, Social Handles, Bio and News

Destination don't makes her happy, She is now on highways of Forbidden Angel Krupa Abhinav Mishra which matters to her in the quest to happiness.

Yes, Its Official Actress Krupa Abhinav Mishra from Surat, India is on of The MTV Forbidden Angels contesting The New Show Airing Today i.e. Friday, 12 March 2021 @ 10PM  at MTV India as is clear from the official video just posted: