Surat's N.J. Group charitable trust donates Microdebrider machine to new civil hospital

Thhe Microdebrider machine is very helpful in the surgery of patients with Mucormycosis / Black Fungus

Surat, Wednesday, June 9, 2021: N.J. to help patients with mucosal mycosis. A medical device called Micro-Debrider worth Rs 5 lakh has been donated to a new civil hospital by a group of company charitable trusts. Surgery performed by this machine is also very helpful in helping the patients of Mucor to recover.

According to Niraj Choksi of the company, blood, saliva, nasal fluid, small lumps are absorbed through a port (hole) at the end of the poly-tube of the micro-divider. Along with this the diseased tissue such as hemorrhoids, the tumor is cut by a rotating blade and cut into very small pieces. Healthy parts such as the healthy lining / mucosa of the sinuses can be well preserved as the tissue is removed by cutting with a clean blade.

So that the part heals quickly after surgery. Even in nasal surgery, the patient does not have to undergo nasal care such as washing the nose with alkaline liquids for more than 6 weeks which helps the patient to recover faster. Short-term general anesthesia may be given to keep the patient safe.

Bleeding is also negligible. Thus, this tool will be very useful for Mucormycosis patients.