All Christmas Shopping Online, 69% of Brits are likely to visit the retailer’s website and 65% will use the retailer’s app.

Brits Most Likely to Do All Their Christmas Shopping Online, New Global Data Reveals

Airship’s survey of more than 9,000 global consumers exposes key shifts in consumer behaviour with regional and generational differences indicating retail’s future.

Of all consumers globally, Brits are the most likely to do the entirety of their Christmas shopping online (20% of respondents), followed by India (18%) and the U.S. (16%). Only 9% of U.K. shoppers are planning to do all their Christmas shopping in physical stores.

The Amazing American Survey Is Home Where The Heart Is?

Mayflower, America’s most recognized and trusted moving company, releases ‘Finding Home’ data.

Mayflower Reveals Where Americans Are Moving - And How Location Shapes Our Identities

New survey finds 74% of Americans feel they have a hometown -- and 58% think of their hometown as where they originally come from